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  1. That car is amazing, a true one-off and worth every penny of the asking price.
  2. The alloys that were fitted as an optional extra to the Mk4 Ghias were fitted as standard to the Mk5 Ghias from September 1979.
  3. Paulph

    Cortina 2.3S

    Thanks for your reply. Not sure how many were made, but according to the How Many Left? website there's a total of 20 1976-79 Mk4 S models on SORN or taxed, though it doesn't say how many are 2.0's and how many are 2.3's. Another thing about the 2.3S is that it was only available for a couple of years because it was introduced a year later than the 2.0S, and both S models were then discontinued when the Mk.5 was introduced.
  4. Paulph

    Cortina 2.3S

    I was always sure that there had to be another 2.3S out there somewhere, and finally this great example appears. It's one of the later 2.3S's too, as earlier S models had the stripy 'Cadiz' trim on the seats. And the new owner has a head start to this restoration with the very good interior and especially the rot-free bodywork. Looking forward to the next update on how it's progressing.
  5. The Cortina I'd like most would be a manual Mk.4 2.3 Ghia in metallic Cosmos Blue, in mint condition as well as being completely standard(other than things like polybushed suspension, electronic ignition and uprated gas shocks) with a really low mileage. Doubt if I'd find one like that now though.
  6. I'd avoid car covers as they tend to trap moisture and make any problem rust areas much worse. A dry, well ventilated garage or carport is of course ideal, but if that's not an option you might want to try and get a car cover that's made of breathable material rather than a waterproof one, so that the car actually has a chance to dry out if it's been raining.
  7. I'd say save it, as we all know how scarce MK.4's are now because of the dreaded tinworm and boy racers. You'd only regret it if you weighed it in as it'd be another Mk.4 gone for good. :thumbup:
  8. Hi all. I wondered if anyone else spotted this Daily Mail article about this unregistered 2.0GL Mk.5? It would be interesting to know if it's been sold or not, and if so what it went for. This must be the ultimate in collectable Cortinas, being unregistered and with only delivery mileage on the clock. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2132227/Ford-Cortina-market-30-years-rolled-production-line.html
  9. That car is worth £2000 of anybody's money. :unsure:
  10. It definitely gets my vote too. :rolleyes: A very rare model in unmolested original condition.
  11. It looks great with that Mk.4 wooded dash fitted. The only thing I didn't like about the Mk.5 interior was the plastic dash that replaced it.
  12. It's a shame that you had to break that Mk4 up because of excessive rust. Just wondered, in what parts had it rusted out to put it beyond repair? At least it's been a good source of parts for your S and other Mk4's.
  13. Paulph

    2.0s - on ebay

    ANY Mk4 is worth saving now, especially such a rare one as this. Wish I was in a position to buy and restore it myself, but I'm glad you have decided to keep it and restore it yourself. It's a real shame how so many of the most desirable Mk4s like the S and 2.3Ghia versions have been scrapped over the years, so that now there's almost none left.
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