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  1. Got a box full of these Ferodo Fan belts, Dynamo only i think?, see picture for fitting, Measure approx 75.5 mm on outside, 29 3/4" the box says Mk11 Cortina but I'm sure they would fit Mk1 as well?. £6.00 each with post to uk mainland postcodes, txt me on 07734 802699 for more info..........Pete
  2. thanks, looks like 5.5 x 14 then, do they fit ford four stud?
  3. all sounds good, great stuff thankyou
  4. Hi sheffield yes could you have a look please, my old one is 7 1/4" would you have a part number for it?, is it new? regards, Pete
  5. ok i've sorted a thrust brg and a pressure plate, just need a 7 1/4" pressure plate now
  6. May need a Friction and Pressure plate for my 64 1200 column change Cortina, I roughly know whats available on the internet so what have anybody got hiding in their cupboards at home please Pete...........
  7. Veemax


  8. sold subject to collection in a couple of weeks
  9. I dont see why not, it was originally made for a Mk1 Cortina, but we made bolt on brackets to make the ford Pop fit on it, so with some minor fabrication anything would fit Pete
  10. Got this for the Cortina a while ago but never used it on the Cortina, made to fit on bumper mounts front and back. after the initial purchase it was modified / strengthened, A friend borrowed it to use on a 100e pop, it worked well and the pop was even transported on a truck to the paintshop on it, however the pop would not do a full 360 deg on it, but a Cortina would No longer needed as plans changed, £160 ono located in newark, could possibly deliver for fuel if not too far away I have a couple more pics to look for Pete 07734 802699
  11. Used 1500 Gt head in quite good condition but dirty, has Gt stamp inside thermostat housing £75.00 maybe able to post via UPS courier, or collect from Newark upon trent Pete 07734 802699
  12. 5 x lotus steels with new tyres, 185/70x13, spare unused but other 4 have done about 200 miles, rims are in good nick, some have old pitting under the paint on the rear inner rim, and all except the spare have scratches in paint on outer rim from some fool fitting chrome embellishers which have them nasty sharp teeth on them, all rims have stamped number which I will list below, I have brought these back from france to sell for a friend and can be collected from Newark upon trent, I have a few more pics if you want emailed? £800 for the five wheels an tyres, 07734 802699 Pete.. 2x rims are marked 4/66 single rivet type 1x rim is marked 11/70 Lp881 single rivet type 1x rim is marked 881.A single rivet type (spare wheel almost unmarked) 1x rim is marked 2/68 3 rivet type
  13. Could you not change the spigot bearing to suit the shaft?
  14. 1964 1200 engine, original 58,000 miles, runs lovely an no known problems, 40-45 psi oil pressure and dos'nt overheat even in traffic, has recent new dizzy cap, leads, plugs and electronic ignition, comes with oil pump, fuel pump, dizzy, manifolds and carb, engine mounts, flywheel and clutch G/box is std 4 speed with column change selector cables, comes with release arm and thrust bearing, although the bearing is sometimes noisy so may want replacing?, viewing and inspection is welcome in Newark notts, engine and box can even be tested as i wont be taking it out the car for maybe a week or so. price is £350.00 I shall try an post some pics an video of the engine in a mo Pete....07734 802699....anytime video links, one shows oil pressure as i rev it an restart
  15. Veemax

    parts enquiry

    yes i know bless him, thats why i said he needs to contact his son, he has taken over the part sales..... :thumbup:
  16. Veemax

    parts enquiry

    you need to contact Hugh Wards son on Mk1 cortina owners forum for sender units, he sells Mk2 senders Pete...
  17. Veemax

    Ford cortina MK1

    Hi Ron, I saw yr crayford parked up by the cafes on friday, very nice too, we parked up / camped in front of the college up the top all weekend, great weekend, we had a grey lhd gt an a black jag ss100 with us pete....
  18. I'll have them if they are unused, which they do look in the picture, how do you want paying?, Paypal ok? Pete...
  19. I could be interested, could you tell me the overall diameter please? Pete.... :thumbup:
  20. Complete running engine for sale, Engine came from a Mk 2 Escort Sport with 68,000 on it, engine was running sweet when removed 2 yrs ago, been sat in my garage since, I squirted loads of WD40 down plug holes and have turned it over regular, I was told it had a rebuild at some stage but cant confirm this, although you can see signs of work, it clearly has new core plugs in the block but you can see the one in the back of the head is dodgy!, it comes with the parts in photo, No oil pump as my son nicked it!, but i probably have one somewhere? that you can have, only selling as my project plans have changed. £325.00 No offers, and sold without warranties. Pete...07734 802699 located in Newark Notts, can be viewed and collected anytime
  21. Veemax

    spring bush

    I got some old ones somewhere?, will look in garage tomorrow, they are s/h though Pete...
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