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  1. Any one got a cologne v6 points type distributor suitable for a 2.3 ? Thanks
  2. myolford

    mk4 2.3 radiator

    Looking for a 2.3 radiator for a manual mk4 cortina thanks
  3. All sorted now managed to source all the parts NOS result !! Thanks for all the replies
  4. managed to source a NOS original inner I just need the correct outer front valance now if anyone can help ?
  5. Thanks for the replies, I saw the listing on ebay from Clomoco, very pricey !!
  6. had a mishap with the car today, the jig it was on for restoration, collapsed and the front end hit the jig brace hard denting the front valance. Its damaged the front outer valance and the inner section that the radiator supports mount to. Ideally i'm looking for new original ford if available Thanks
  7. Looking for a front lower suspension arm for my mk4 , current one is slightly bent LOL
  8. long shot i know, but looking for a 2.3 V6 engine, manual box and anciliaries to convert my mk4 thanks
  9. myolford

    2.0s cadiz trim

    Thats an excellent idea, do you have any contact details for the company your wife uses?
  10. myolford

    2.0s cadiz trim

    Thanks for all the responses, the hunt continues !! I have been able to source some in S.A, however as indicated in this thread, the rear seat is a little different. I was hoping just to have the covers sent out to me, however i might need the entire rear seat looking at the difference between SA ones and UK ones. That might be too costly.
  11. myolford

    2.0s cadiz trim

    Thanks Guys, thought it would be an uphill struggle. I had a quick look on google at south african cortina trim and it looks different on their 3.0s cars.
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