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  1. hi mate i'll have the boss and adaptor if still availible .then i will at least have something to start with to fit my wheel,but if turns out to be too much greif then might just get a wheel to fit one of these. cheers rob. ps let me know how you want payment.
  2. hi mate i've got a rs four spoke that i need to get a boss for to fit my mk5. what ever i need i will have cheers mate.
  3. sweet sounds good, where do i send it to??
  4. hi all am after a drivers door lock and key! or a complete set if poss for a mk5. also am in need of a brake reservior cap.
  5. thanx mate, looks like a mighty fine job you done there. do you know if escort / capri splines are the same??? i think i read on your resto that wheel would sit too far away??? have to say that the 2dr looked the nuts,did she sell? cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve to replace her! cheers
  6. i've got a rs 4 spoke with wrong boss at mo .used to have one on a mk 5 years ago but stupidly sold it(car and wheel!!)
  7. Hi all,I'm after a steering wheel boss to fit my mk5 cortina. I already have a steering wheel but will be interested in anything for sale that i could use. does anyone even know if I can use a boss from something else??? cheers Rob
  8. cheers mate .my tel No is 07958319864 if you have any luck. Rob
  9. hi i'm after a pair of head lamps for my cortina as old ones discoloured inside. i would prefer original ford if poss.
  10. cheers mate,nice one . kids will love cruzin in back of cortina.
  11. hi,mate seen pic's of car. look's the nut's. just wondered if you could answer a question about the rs steering wheel you have fitted. what boss do you need(part no?) as i used to have one on a mk5 i had many moons ago which i stupidly let go. now i have a nice clean 2.0 ghia(better than one i had years ago!) am tryin to sort out the steering wheel. better still is yours for sale??
  12. Hi, I am interested in these, are these inertia belts and do they come with fixings, how do I go about arranging payment with yourself, or do you have a paypal account, as I could pay you that way if you prefer, many thanks, Rob
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