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  1. Hope you'll have as much fun with her as I did mate :)
  2. No worries was good to meet ya mate Hope the journey was ok
  3. No Dave's collecting it and delivering it for the new owner
  4. Unfortunately times/things change and you can't keep everything
  5. Well never thought id do this tbh so here goes.... Mk2 Cortina Series 1 1500GT Im the 3rd Owner itll have 12 months test on it It was bog standard when I purchased it 4 years ago having been laid up on axle stands in a garage for ten years, and ive modified it so that it looks period whilst able to use daily Body is standard and unwelded with original strut tops, jacking points still have the rubber bungs in them... There is some 'patina' on the o/s/f wing (I have a nos wing to go with the car) however ive not had this fitted due to the fact I use this car all through the year attending local and national meets and having a lot of fun with it...Id drive it anywhere and have done... The car was sprayed some 14 years ago and is holding up well (I did go around it with a magnet when purchasing much to the then owners dismay) So, its now running a 1660 691m block decked etc to accept my precrossflow stage modified head which has bigger unleaded valves steel gear, duplex timing gear,cosworth A2 cam, lightened balanced inc clutch bestek ignition twin 40's with a rod lincage all built by Robyn at Radco engineering complete with 105 speed 4 into 1 stainless manifold and system and a kenlow fan hidden behind the grille webcon fuel pressure reg and elec fuel pump...depending on whos rolling road used its between 100-113 bhp and sooo torquey midrange. Axle is a 3.77 and the 2000E box remains. Brakes are 2.8 capri vented discs and std 9" drums suspension is Gaz adjustable coil overs upfront and rear dampers with 2.8 capri single leafs and polybushed throughout All bushes and brake lines,cyls etc were renewed when I recommisioned it Wheels are lotus Cortina steels on 175/70/13 Toyo's still as new... The only things I haven't rebuilt yet are the gearbox and steering box which are fine right now Interior is standard with an unspoilt dash top even the carpet is original The car is such fun to drive it can be docile doin 30mph in 4th intown or over the magic figure on the M25ring... the best bit is the midrange torque it just gets up n buggers off and the growl it makes is addictive too.... Theres loadsa stuff done to it that ive probably forgotten about too. These series 1 GT's are rare machines now.......... genuine reason for selling and please I haven't the time or patience for timewasters and test pilots..... Phone calls only please no texts serious enquiries please £7500 ono Paul 07884244444
  6. Ello Jack Nice one mate In the best colour too Looked the nuts at essex oldskoolford meet
  7. I've got a blue mink series 1 1500GT
  8. The switch just stops working....electrically It's all intact and fitted correctly It's just frustrating
  9. Lol..... It's just strange that it requires it's 3rd new switch in as many years!?
  10. My mk2 series 1 1500 GT seems to go through a brake light switch every year..... Any ideas as to why???
  11. I used the Gaz lotus cortina adjustable rear shocks on my early GT lowered 2 inches too with no probs mate
  12. I'm loving this ..... Can't wait to see it done
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