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  1. Main thing is your ok, if you have the right to buy the salvage back, l would be very interested in then buying it off you, l WOULD put the engine and box and running gear in one of my Cortinas.
  2. As l have said to the wife, if l start driving like a demented old fu** bag, then please shoot me, that's why this year's treat is 3 weeks in the good old USA, 5000 mile road trip booked, l already have an AMG, if l hadn't l would be really tempted by your sleeper. Never ever grow up, there's an old man near me (in his 80's) and he always has something different on his drive, and he swears that his wheeling and dealing keeps himself young at heart.
  3. That looks like a fun bit of kit, good luck with the sale. Or keep it and put the engine and gearbox in a Cortina, ultimate street sleeper!!
  4. He emailed me a few times, saying as soon as l needed my bumpers, just let him know and they would be available, he seemed to be a helpful and knowledgeable person.
  5. Sh*t, l didn't know that.
  6. I thought the person that was making stainless steel bumpers for Mk5's was also making the gutter trims, can't remember who he is !!!
  7. Makes sense to me, l will have a look, but l seem to remember, if the stud pulled out of the aluminium, l threw them away, doh, because l thought I'll get one of them easy, with hindsight, l would save everything!!!
  8. Your eyes are right, but with a hub cap on, who is going to know the difference, and the steel should be good quality.
  9. Anyone??? Have asked the usual people and nothing about at the moment.
  10. Wanted as above, must have had no repairs, prefer without side trim, prefer straight and ding free, l am up and down the motorway often, so collection is easy.
  11. I do travel about the country a fair bit, so l may be able to help you out, no promises at moment, because l never know where l am going to be. PM me your mobile number and if l can assist, l will.
  12. I am in need of a driver's side or off side front door for my 4 door Mk1, a good solid door with no repairs, don't mind dinks and scrapes, but no rot at all, and would prefer a door without the side trim holes, collection is not a problem, sensible price paid for good door. Thanks.
  13. I think somewhere in my many storage spaces, l have an inlet manifold for a OHC twin choke Weber, if l can find it, you can have it for the cost of postage, first l have to find it, if you want to go down the route of a twin choke at a later stage.
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