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  1. Last shout, before l repair what l have, thanks.
  2. Did anyone go to the sale, some very interesting lots for sale.
  3. Wix are very good, Maccess, are a trade car parts supplier that have been stocking these for 15 years or so now. Just wouldn't look right under the bonnet of a nice Cortina though!!
  4. Still wanted, a driver's front door for a 4 door MK1, without the side trim holes, must be 100% solid, don't mind dinks and scrapes, tried the usual people, but nothing about, can anyone help, thanks in advance.
  5. There's a few videos about, showing what is in them, or in the case of Fram, what isn't in them, think they are still relying on there name to sell themselves, my relation has an artic lorry body full of the good old Fram filters which are really top quality, the new ones are made possibly in China.
  6. That's not a bad price, compared to some sellers, just don't fit Fram, and l thought they were meant to be good filters!! Think they have been costed and skimped on the most important bit, the element quality.
  7. As proven on the sunroof question, your knowledge of Cortina's is second to none and anyone from the outside looking in, you are always trying to help people, so this is a little bit out of order and someone else needs to wind there neck in, AND IT'S NOT YOU.
  8. GhiaMk4/5

    Sunroof panel mk5

    Is your sunroof passed its best for repairing, you could joggle pieces in as lining will hide repairs and joggling would make it easier to weld in and if it is off the car, it would be straightforward to lead load. I do know it's a fine art to set up the roof so that it tilts and slides as it should. At one-time l could tell you of several people breaking MklV's and MkVs, how times change.
  9. GhiaMk4/5

    Sunroof panel mk5

    Sheffield, your knowledge far outweighs mine, none are any way near, even have a 86 Orion, miles out, got a Mk2 Golf GTi, not a chance, some of the cars l measured have one measurement right, then the other is way off, even some look like the corners are not the same radius, looked like it's got to come off a MkV or lV, the latter l couldn't measure as l haven't got one.
  10. GhiaMk4/5

    Mk5 parts,

    Tried number in advanced search, sais enter valid number?? Or it could be my shocking old phone!!
  11. GhiaMk4/5

    Sunroof panel mk5

    Have both a Capri and a MkV with a sunroof, if no one fixes you up with the info, l will measure up for comparison tomorrow, but you would have thought they are the same size in the interest of swop ability, l also have a Mk2 Granada with a sunroof, will measure that as well, if that is the same you could get one from a Granada Ghia X saloon as they were electric and that would be a good upgrade.
  12. GhiaMk4/5


    Good shout, l had the above problem on an Audi, nightmare, probably fails when the car is out of warranty, mine was anyway, fixed it at great expense and got rid of it.
  13. Main thing is your ok, if you have the right to buy the salvage back, l would be very interested in then buying it off you, l WOULD put the engine and box and running gear in one of my Cortinas.
  14. As l have said to the wife, if l start driving like a demented old fu** bag, then please shoot me, that's why this year's treat is 3 weeks in the good old USA, 5000 mile road trip booked, l already have an AMG, if l hadn't l would be really tempted by your sleeper. Never ever grow up, there's an old man near me (in his 80's) and he always has something different on his drive, and he swears that his wheeling and dealing keeps himself young at heart.
  15. That looks like a fun bit of kit, good luck with the sale. Or keep it and put the engine and gearbox in a Cortina, ultimate street sleeper!!
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