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  1. Aren't they all the same 3/4/5, as long as it's a 4 door or 2 door repair panel ?
  2. GhiaMk4/5

    LEV 29V

    Anything is possible, l have a certain car, that has been off the radar for 40 years, should be fun registering it again!!!!
  3. Unexpected change in circumstances, if something else sells first, this will be kept. My daughter has her Ducatti Carbon Diavel and her HD for sale as well on other sites and forums. Back to the MK1, very original and unmolested, amazing history including original purchase invoice, has been restored 7 years ago to a very good standard, all reciepts in place totalling nearly £10,000.00, tax and MOT exempt, has not been used by my daughter, I have driven it around my village and even though if has a brand new NOS carb, I would say it wants fine tuning, even though if starts and runs fine. Drum brakes all round, again may need a bit of fine tuning, but are very sharp. Car would not look out of place in a museum or just use it as it should be, has been garaged for the past 7 years. POA, please contact me through here.
  4. b m, looks to be extremely good value for someone, GLWTS.
  5. Bump. Anyone got one hidden away, thanks in advance.
  6. GhiaMk4/5

    Mk3 carb

    Can't help, but l have a NOS carb on my 1500 and it runs like a right pig, I've experimented with the timing and adjusted the carb and just when you think you have it right, it goes and throws a dicky fit, so I'm thinking along similar lines as you. Hope someone can help you.
  7. As above, tried all the usual places and people, picked up a brand new never fitted passenger front door last night, absolutely mint, that's going on, but I really would like a sensibly priced drivers front door without side trim holes, l have repaired mine to a decent standard, but it will always be a repaired door!!! I have posted this request before, so anyone got a tip off or know of one please!!!
  8. Should be doable, but if it goes wrong, glass isn't very forgiving!!! Have polished many a wiper score mark out of screens, so it's a similar process, but then on other cars I have tried all the tricks under the sun to stop them cracking, I haven't found one method that is successful!!! I'd do it by hand, less aggressive.
  9. That isn't a bad price, IMO, but I don't need one, so I would too wince at £100.00, hence I won't give £500.00 for a NOS door for mine!!!
  10. Have I asked you this before, what part of Staffordshire are you, pm me, if you don't want everyone to know, or don't pm me if you don't want me to know, just this afternoon met a chap with a tidy Mk2 Granada Estate, said that the after lock down ends the old car people will have a meet at the Plough at Endon.
  11. GhiaMk4/5

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Looked today, they don't seem to be open still, lorries are still bringing in the tubing and other materials, they work continent shifts when they are back to normal, and they have a front desk, so as soon as I can get to speak to someone, I'll let you know.
  12. GhiaMk4/5

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Klarius exhausts is very near to where I live, didn't know they did oldy exhausts, must have a look in!!
  13. At the time, the Hella grille with driving lights was not a cheap bit of tat, it was a quality upgrade, by the way, if any one wants to give me a £100.00 for mine, then I will not be offended!!!
  14. Go for it, they always cost more for a Lotus!!
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