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  1. I like this car a lot, reminds me so much of my old 2000E, there's a good selection of other projects that it shares company with.
  2. Perhaps he just likes a change and making a bit of money, he could also be a Libran, who generally are very indecisive!!!!??? Guess what birth sign I am!!! I rest my case, more wheels than JBW and never enough cars!!!
  3. I have some 30 year old Yokohama's, 235/55/13, NOS, stored in a cellar, in the past couple of years, l have had a couple of blow outs, both on quality tyres, change of underwear needed, both tyres 2018, so what's going on there, yours are probably made of real rubber and will be fine and hopefully my Yoko's will be the same. What are the rims off? They look good.
  4. Your paint looks a mile deep, what an excellent Mklll.
  5. Just don't install central locking !!!!
  6. GhiaMk4/5

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Liking your fabrication skills, just dont be a spot weld counter, l always believe Ford didn't put enough on a car in critical areas, l do have proof, but it's a long story.
  7. Aren't they all the same 3/4/5, as long as it's a 4 door or 2 door repair panel ?
  8. GhiaMk4/5

    LEV 29V

    Anything is possible, l have a certain car, that has been off the radar for 40 years, should be fun registering it again!!!!
  9. The wheels you have chosen will really make your car. Having not seen as much of Malta as l would have liked, are there some good quiet roads for enjoying your car on, as the roads we travelled on seem to be rather busy even on a Sunday.
  10. That's a healthy bhp, should be entertaining to drive!!!
  11. One panel light bulb behind the actual panel.
  12. Unexpected change in circumstances, if something else sells first, this will be kept. My daughter has her Ducatti Carbon Diavel and her HD for sale as well on other sites and forums. Back to the MK1, very original and unmolested, amazing history including original purchase invoice, has been restored 7 years ago to a very good standard, all reciepts in place totalling nearly £10,000.00, tax and MOT exempt, has not been used by my daughter, I have driven it around my village and even though if has a brand new NOS carb, I would say it wants fine tuning, even though if starts and runs fine. Drum brakes all round, again may need a bit of fine tuning, but are very sharp. Car would not look out of place in a museum or just use it as it should be, has been garaged for the past 7 years. POA, please contact me through here.
  13. Looks the part for £15.00, wouldn't look out of place in a MK1, or any 60s, 70s, 80s car.
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