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  1. GhiaMk4/5

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Looked today, they don't seem to be open still, lorries are still bringing in the tubing and other materials, they work continent shifts when they are back to normal, and they have a front desk, so as soon as I can get to speak to someone, I'll let you know.
  2. GhiaMk4/5

    MK4/MK5 Exaust

    Klarius exhausts is very near to where I live, didn't know they did oldy exhausts, must have a look in!!
  3. At the time, the Hella grille with driving lights was not a cheap bit of tat, it was a quality upgrade, by the way, if any one wants to give me a £100.00 for mine, then I will not be offended!!!
  4. Go for it, they always cost more for a Lotus!!
  5. Yes, the too good to be true price, some numpty may fall for his patter and at least he hasn't listed 2000 other items in his/hers account, so to the unsuspecting person it may just seem ok!!! Have requested his address, got the registration, which is genuine, but it's not his car to sell.
  6. Just beware, there's a MK1 Granada Ghia on the bay of thieves, the title is the name he is giving out, payment by PayPal or escrow, and he will organise it to be delivered to your address blah blah blah, just trying to get more info out of him, have said l will pay by bank transfer, just give me your details, excuse after excuse, I need to get my firearms license renewed.
  7. That's my attraction to them, l had a 2.0 Ghia estate in the mid 80's so it was 5/6 years old, did everything it was meant to do, and never ever broke down on me, a wiper blade did fall off it on the M1 and the gearstick came out of it on the M25, but easily rectified.
  8. I have this Express Steel Panel, it is one of the ones that was pressed and not trimmed, ideal if you want to fold an edge on the bottom to make it really strong. Steel is zinc coated and is of a very good guage thickness, not your usual cheap pressing, £200.00, no postage, sorry, it's collection only. I'm in Alton, Staffs, but panel is in Cheadle, Staffs. Also advertised on the usual other sites.
  9. I know this doesn't help you, but l have one, it is not for sale, but l am in contact with several people, who can put out the feelers, only last week a Mk5 estate was "discovered' 2 minutes away from where l live, also there is a 2.0 Ghia one owner from new, very low mileage, in storage, and there is also the rumour of an extremely large collection of all Mks of Cortinas in various conditions to be confirmed. Why do you specifically want a Mk5 2.3 Ghia, just being nosey.
  10. I must say your taste in vehicles is excellent.
  11. Is it the 80's Stellar that would have the 20mm arb ?
  12. GhiaMk4/5

    Ford cortina mk2

    Try Nettiauto.com, there's a 4door on there at the moment, a little over budget, but they may come down in price, looks a fairly solid example.
  13. I avoid it like the plague, but the wife and children love it, can't beat a good old forum!!!
  14. GhiaMk4/5

    15 Inch alloys

    You have a message in your inbox, it's saying you haven't read it.
  15. Last shout, before l repair what l have, thanks.
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