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  1. Thanks Tony, it will go to good use as Mkl's are well and truly in my DNA, the latest edition, yet another Mkl.
  2. Reverse bleed your clutch slave cylinder, or has it a hidden leak somewhere.
  3. Strong money for a major project, I should know, I have a 4 door GT Savage, it WAS rough, it's been a very expensive job, but someone had to do it. Photos and a members car rebuild to follow.
  4. Excellent attention to detail as per usual, brilliant.
  5. That's good oil consumption for an old car, I had a 1.8tsi VW/Audi variant, it was acceptable to consume a litre of oil per 300 miles, according to the technicians, what a joke, needless to say, I will not be buying another.
  6. They painted your nails as well!!!
  7. Tony Webster, the Scimitar is a beasty, my dad had a few Scimatars, even wrapping one around a telegraph pole, then Peter Smith Sports Cars rebuilt it, they did a . job and my dad ended up taking them to court and winning, I had a SE6 that was rear ended by a work colleague on his motorbike, luckily he hit a fibreglass car and not my 190E Cosworth I had at the same time as the Scimitar, there was an old gentleman near to me with a SE5 and a rover V8, but sadly he's now not with us and the Scimitar vanished.
  8. I was at Mathewson's yesterday, it's a closed shop, you can't get to view hardly any of the cars, but I know the estate, as I am more passionate about long roofs than any Ford, it looks good on first inspection, but that's it, budget a lot of money bringing it up to standard.
  9. johnny boy, I knew mine was nearly there, I just needed someone with more knowledge than me, I hold my hand up when I'm stuck in a corner, Colr6, has been there, done that, got the t shirt and is a very decent bloke to cap it all, Yorkshire engineering at its finest, if anyone's interested, I'll share my suspension set up when I'm going through it and how I do it. Nothing is going to be irreversible, but anything with more HP than standard and a steering set up that works is a plus in my book.
  10. It's as much a credit to you as the real graft was doing the repairs, which most people would not have even attempted, it's looking brilliant.
  11. Many, many thanks to Colr6, great knowledgeable person, with an excellent Mkl GT cosworth, with 100% a Capri Mklll front cross member underneath his car, that handles extremely well and is a credit to his engineering skills and experience. Plenty of pictures were taken and Colin even jacked his car up and removed a front wheel to share his fitment of the Mklll cross member. I will be sticking with what I have got, as its just a case of setting it all up. Once again, many thanks Colin, and to your wife, hopefully see you again in the future, regards, Tony.
  12. Hopefully I'll have the answer very soon, I'll shall keep you updated.
  13. I know it's no help now, but a few weeks ago a NOS full rear 1/4 sold for £10.50 on eBay, wtf, I forgot to bid. Cardboard template, sand bag and a hide hammer and make your own. Near to me is Albert Looms scrapyard, they will let you cut sections out of a car.
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