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  1. Looking good, a lot of work involved to get there.
  2. Thanks, looks to be doing what it should be, never done 1/4 mile, but I'm sure it's addictive.
  3. stu_b123, no restoration will be as good as your E's.
  4. Use some black silicone specifically for water pumps etc, about £7.00 a small tube, I did the water pump on a Ducatti recently, didn't even have a gasket, just sealant made a water tight seal, l did leave it to cure for 24hrs before re filling with anti freeze.
  5. I'd get the underneath closely inspected if you can, is it cheap enough, if it has been rattle canned, some paint has to be removed in its entirety before it can be re - sprayed, other paint can just be sealed, I'd turn it into a 2.0S replica, as I do miss my 77 R reg.
  6. Sometimes pure artists are at work when there is complete chaos, l think this may be the case, have always liked cars in primer!!!!
  7. Try Lotus outlaws at Wolverhampton, may not be the cheapest on some stuff, but very helpful from my experience with them.
  8. Haven't posted on here for ages, as I've had a trip to the dark side, albeit, Capri's, both V6, they rust as much as Cortina's, but then I purchased a 2.8i, that has never been welded and doesn't want any TTF, but dry storage brings other problems. Back to the point, very nice repairs, I looked at a few Finnish motors before this Covid buggered up everything.
  9. 14 years later, wow, what's it running now, always like an estate, any current pics.
  10. I like this car a lot, reminds me so much of my old 2000E, there's a good selection of other projects that it shares company with.
  11. Stoke had Yates's very good machine shop, unfortunately long gone, so if l wanted any machining, I dont know who I would use!!
  12. Always liked Marcos, welcome and hope you get some stopping power.
  13. Find out who supplies Rally design, you don't want problems again, it takes the shine off such a brilliant looking car and it's not your balls up, my 2000E as mentioned before was wonky, and it really got my goat. Could be worse, to put my wife's E class right, the rear suspension set up is nearly £2k, I'm looking at alternatives!!
  14. 10 years ago there seemed to be a fair few Otasun Taunuses on the road in Turkey, all seemed to be fairly solid, it seemed like they didn't discard anything out there.
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