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  1. joeliam


    DownstairsDave's dolly used in his Mk1 GT/Resto/conversion (see Members Cars} for sale. Dolly unbolts for transportation (will go in estate car/van). Rear mounts on dolly fit GT/Lotus radius arm brackets but can be changed for standard car. £50 collection only (Herts)
  2. unmodified mk1 gearbox tunnel wanted to return shell to original. cheers
  3. sorry, that should have been £50 for the prop
  4. type 9 5 speed gearbox complete with quickshift, bellhousing, clutch fork, clutch cable and bulkhead cable bracket. Also gearbox mount. Have just taken out of my mk1 cortina which had a conversion done but I'm going back to original. Also have the propshaft for sale and the complete back axle (think it's capri) will be coming out soon so a complete conversion. Don't know how to upload pics but if interested I can text pics to your phone. Gearbox/quickshift/clutch cable £325 Propshaft £100
  5. joeliam

    mk1 rear axle stud

    Many thanks.... very much appreciated !!
  6. joeliam

    mk1 rear axle stud

    Unfortunately Robin couldn't help. Does anybody have any studs from an old axle casing?
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a diff stud for my Mk1 rear axle please? One of mine has sheared.
  8. joeliam

    mk1 boot lock

    thanks for that
  9. joeliam

    mk1 boot lock

    Mk1 boot lock (and key hopefully!) wanted. Not the latch mechanism or striker, just the lock. Also Mk1 fuel tank sender unit wanted cheers
  10. MK1 fuel tank sender unit wanted. Obviously doesn't have to be as new, so long as it works!
  11. Hi Russ, I'm in Welwyn Garden City, Cheers
  12. Pair of 1600E front struts. Complete units with springs/top mounts, including steering arms. Could do with a bit of a clean up. Thought I'd offer them on here before ebay! £50. (I'm in Hertfordshire)
  13. Hi, does anybody have MK2 headlamp panels for sale? good used is ok, need both sides. Cheers
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