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  1. Look like 4 door ones to me. Tommy
  2. Go to any battery place and ask them to order an 037 battery. That is the correct square post battery and also fits rwd escorts. I got one from my local tyre and battery place last year, no problem, just had to be ordered in, as they didn't keep one in stock. Tommy P.S. 038 is the correct size/shape battery, but with round posts and is also available without difficulty, as I got one recently for my Talbot Sunbeam.
  3. 037(flat post) or 038 (round post) battery will fit in the tray. Tommy
  4. tommy

    mk1 parts required

    mk1 cortina owners club or Expressed steel will do most of the panels you will need. Tommy
  5. mk3 wheels no good for a mk1, offset totally wrong and tyres will rub on struts. Tommy
  6. Is the bore size cast into the aluminium valve body 5/8? There should be a 2 digit number stamped on the tip of the aluminium valve body (farthest from the vacuuum chamber), what is it? Tommy
  7. Checked my girling books and mk1 lotus cortina servo is 64049127 and the in line gt corsair 64049126,so they are not after all the same (sorry Tibbs I thought they were). Most of the rest of the braking system is the same as an up to Oct 65 lotus cortina (calipers, discs, drums, wheel cylinders adjusters etc) except the brake master cylinder which again is not.
  8. A frame brackets on the rear legs are the large ones done by expressed, not the original type and the over axle reninforcments are the correct size, but not cut away at the bottom to clear the axle, like they should be. Could just be that the rear legs had to be replaced, because they crack,as well as rot like an ordinary cortina,(like on mine, but I have the pics to prove it) but could also mean reshell, so the rest of the body needs thorough check too. Leaving the radius arm mounts on the axle, that they modified to A frame, was a bit poor too. Would look much better without them. Spare wheel mount on the boot floor looks hmmm iffy too (I assume that's what the black thing beside the rear exhaust box is). Even if it was 100% original and lovely £50,000 is damn dear, if it doesn't have special history (which I am sure they would adverise if it did),so to me it's really damn dear at that price. Tommy
  9. Are you sure it's a 1500 engine in there? That type of air cleaner arrangement is normally found on a 1200. Tommy
  10. Aldrige trimming can make you covers and door trims, so you can recover what seats you can get, in black. Tommy
  11. Hadrians still do new pattern front grille (both standard and ghia type) and an auto electrical place should be able to either repair your alternator, or do a service exchange unit. Tommy
  12. Doors are the same aeroflow or pre-aeroflow, just 66 model aeroflow is fitted with fixed front quarterlight windows, instead of the opening ones on up to 65 cars, but the door themselves are the same. (fleet cars are different to this though, as my 64 aeroflow fleet has fixed front quarterlights) Tommy
  13. tommy

    mk1 breaking

    Hi Jerry, what's the back end of the shell like? Rear chassis legs, wheels tubs and rear footwells saveable or all just scrap? Are the front wings completely shot too, or would they repair? Tommy
  14. Vents are different for 2door, 4door and estate cars, which are they? Tommy
  15. Nice project, but to save making your own wheels, a set of 15 inch hillman minx, sunbeam rapier, etc, etc wheels should fit straight on a ford, as the stud pattern is the same. Tommy
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