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  1. Hi after a pair of opening rear Mk1 cortina side window Please let me know if anyone has them for sale. Many thanks paul
  2. Hi looking for Mk1 gt battery tray. Cheers paul
  3. jupuls

    Wiring loom clips

    Hi marcel do you still have these for sale ,if so I would like to buy them. Can do paypal to make it easy cheers paul
  4. jupuls

    MY CAR

  5. Hi yes it's an early gt may 63 , how did you know ?
  6. Hi can anyone tell me where my cortina was built it starts with z on the vin no cheers paul
  7. Well I brought the car on Sunday and it now tucked up in my garage. . Did try to by back my old original car 7838 PE but the new owner is going to restore it , so I am we'll plesed with my new purchased, it's the same model and I drove it back 60 miles yesterday , it drives very well Paul
  8. Hi does anyone know anything about 8746 VB. very early mk1 gt in good wood green many thanks paul
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