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  1. if you ever want to sell one of your mk3's will you put it on here first? good luck with your op, cheers!
  2. paz42

    mk4/5 gl wheels

    PM sent, cheers!
  3. A good dose of wd40 might sort the seat belt, then it'll just cost you a bulb, people who know these cars would'nt be put off by such small things, but good to have full mot, someone will buy it and get many years cheap motoring, especially being tax free soon or already! if i had 3 grand spare i'd buy it and have it as my everyday car, there is no reason not to keep our cortinas going for years, as long as we can afford to battle the tin worm! goood luck selling it, maybe you could keep us updated? cheers!
  4. nice car, good price, should go for that money, cheers!
  5. paz42

    mk4/5 gl wheels

    PM sent, cheers!
  6. here is the link to the pic of spring compressing tool, also a pic of me dads old mk3, long since scrapped, but many a happy memory of going to cornwall as a youngster and getting a face full of ash as he chipped his roll up out of the drivers window and it coming back in my open window, (my sisters chose wisely not to sit behind him). Here's to KOB 387P, and my late father who got me into cortinas. Cheers all! http://s1383.photobucket.com/user/pazpaz42/media/EPSON004_zpspfikwytq.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 http://s1383.photobucket.com/user/pazpaz42/media/EPSON002_zps4wzipvpo.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies, yes it is for getting the front springs out after taking the shocks out, i can understand why people wouldn't lend the tool out as they used to get damaged by not being used properly, well done to those who made their own and thanks for the offer of lending yours beowulf, i don't need to do top and bottom joints yet but i want to be ready when i need to do them, i'm gonna put the pics in photobucket, and put the link on here, i'm in gravesend, cheers all.
  8. i used one of these years ago and it saved me getting me teeth smashed in, unlike using other spring compressors its a lot safer and easier to use. Has anybody else used one? can you still hire them, or has anyone got one for sale? i will try and attach a pic of it,but if i cant there is a picture of it on page 174 of the mk5 haynes manual.how do i attach a pic please?
  9. thanks for your reply, i'm looking into getting one from someone in leicester at moment, but i definately get back to you if it doesn't happen, cheers!!
  10. thanks, i'll have a look at the parts list!
  11. well spotted, thanks for that, i'll send him a text!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. would like to get a towbar and electrics fitted to my estate, cant get new one from anywhere, so ideas please. thought about having a go at making one from scratch but i believe they have to conform to a certain standard, it would be much easier to get one off another estate and see where the holes are drilled etc, there must be someone out there that used to fit them or knows how to make one!!!!!!!!!! cheers.
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