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  1. got a front valance now thanks to paul nice to meet you bud will try and get a brew soon, sorted a slam, light surrounds and all lenses with craig thanks for holding them mate.
  2. Got wings Dave and I think Craig has a slam for me will let you know when i know more
  3. after another open head rest to match the drivers in picture
  4. pm'd mate still looking for panels guys its 100% go now i have a place to store parts and room for the car.
  5. can the rear valance be used on a MK5 two door ? if so i will take it bud send me a text to sort details. 07799731482 cheers steve
  6. if your still looking ive got one in gatley manchester let me know. 07799731482 cheers steve
  7. right back on track i think, so i still need a front valance craig has sorted me the slam with rad and light mounts :thumbup:
  8. The cortina is still smashed up in the lockup in Manchester and I'm out of the army from June I'm looking at having plenty of time to sort the car around my new job but I'm struggling to find a garage or lockup within half an hour of the new place does anyone know of somewhere local to me that I can rent I'm already scanning the daily and free adds.
  9. I need these but my budget is down to peanuts can you pm or text me what your looking at for them please mate along with a location. 07799731482 Cheers steve
  10. Looks like the parts hunt might be on hold I need to find a lockup/garage space close to tunbridge well it's looking a bit bleak at the minute and the place where the Tina is sat for now is soaked whenever it rains.
  11. XR2000STEVE

    MK5 front end

    moved into the new place so cortina will me moving down with me soon and i can start the rebuild, im after pretty much a full front end apart from wings anyone got bits i need send me a text or pm ive got a few bits to trade if your keen, 2.0 pinto, four branch, lumenition, 285 cam, injection rods, turbo technics manifold, and possibly a few other bits all parts are in manchester. 07799731482 cheers steve
  12. as above also forgot who and what i have bought off here so can anyone thats holding kit pm me please its manic at the minute. cheers steve
  13. Picked up my new sapphire last night and the engine blew half an hour down the road, I need a twin cam or 2.0 pinto in good running order and I need it pretty quick, only in Manchester this weekend then I'm back in London, ring 07799731482 if you have anything please
  14. send me the pics as well please mate im curious only ever seen one MK5 kit. cheers steve
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