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  1. english axle diff should have 105E part number on the casing any chance of a photo of it? standard diff is 3.9 , 3.77 was rare optional extra 3.54 is rarer Lotus option 3.9 39 on crown wheel 10 on pinion or could be 3.89 35 teeth on crown and 9 on the pinion 3.77 34 teeth on crown and 9 on the pinion 4.125 33 teeth on crown and 8 on the pinion. divide the crown by the pinion to get the ratio thank you for that infomation. ya learn something new everyday. i have written it down. lol i am pulling the diff out this weekend. will attach a photo of it then.
  2. if you have a mk2 with english axle :unsure: ( i dont recognise that number ) you can only tell the diff ratio for sure by taking it out and counting the teeth - there could be a small ally tag on it though stating the ratio but as Dan found out sometimes they are not correct ok cool. i am in new zealand and do not know if its a english diff or not. how many teeth for each ratio? (if you dont mind letting me know?) thank you both for your time. im new to the technical side of things, got alot of panel, paint and interior customization experience. so keen as to learn as much as i can about my engine and drivetrain. just about found all my running gear. got a 691M gt motor, a gt close ratio box, factory gt extractors. just hoping my diff is 3.7 ratio but very hard to find that here in nz. so if its 3.5 ill be happy. trying to find some twin 40 webbers. proving to be hard in nz. lol.
  3. hello all. i was wondering if anybody can please help me with finding out the ratio for the diff in my car. i have recently purchased the vehicle in an average state, so im rebuilding it. luckily so far i have found some really good parts in it after cleaning it all up. in my experience the diff does not look standard. the part numbers on it are as follows( 1 number is hard to read on the diff so i will put the other possibility there). :2930E-4025 A (the 9 is very hard to read and could possibly be an 8) if anybody could please tell me the ratio and the model this diff is from i would really appreciate it. thank you, daniel.
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