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  1. SOLD - should be collected on Saturday :headscratch:
  2. Car is in Hertfordshire near M25 J23, tax for a couple of months
  3. Have decided not to wait for the shows now and reduce the price to £1500 instead, should be some new pictures appearing here soon (courtesey of Jim, cheers) thanks Danny
  4. show season starts around easter ish(just before) cheers Dean, do the dates get posted up here?
  5. cheers danb & phorbiuz When do the classic car shows kick off then, I think I remember there being one around Stevenage/Knebworth area last year?
  6. No worries, will do, this is a friendly site with some good honest opinions, not to mention I had some great advice from Jim (littlenewt2067) he has been a great help with everything
  7. Just been reading through all the comments - some good some not so great It may have a few minor issues but if you see the car up close then you will see it is a nice car and whilst people say it is not worth the £2k I disagree but hey, we are all entitled to our opinions and I respect anyone who is willing to have a look and give an idea of what they think. I have posted it onto Classic Car Weekly to see if it get's any response & have had two calls & should be getting a follow up viewing tomorrow if the guy is genuine. Time will tell if it goes but if not then nothing lost as he still enjoys driving it to the golf club and getting all the questions about how tidy it is. All the best Danny
  8. Update: Looking for offers over £2k If you want to view the car, let me know & we can sort out telephone contact to discuss initially & then any trial is welcome thanks for looking Danny
  9. Thanks for the kind offer, I have sent the pictures to Jim to post here when he gets 5 mins cheers Danny
  10. In answer to some of the questions I have received by PM... The car is automatic & is located near junction 23 of the M25 Potters Bar I am getting some pictures together and with help from littlenewt2067 these should be up on the forum fairly soon. Should be plenty of pics to look at to give a good idea of the car & then can look to see how much it is worth. As stated earlier, this is my dad's car & I am trying to sell it on his behalf thanks for your patience Danny
  11. Ok cheers, I will check the PM & get some pictures taken & sent up to you.
  12. Hi all, My dad has a 1981 X plate Ford Cortina mk5 2.3 V6 GL model that he is looking to sell but not really sure of the best place to advertise the car? It is in cracking condition and he would like it to go to a good home. I think it in good enough condition to "show" if there are such events & if someone was willing to take it along. The car is gleaming white, blue velour interior & was Ziebarted from new, it has spent its life garaged & is still in use today, it has 53k miles on it & was last put through the MOT in July 09 & passed with flying colours. Any test welcome, I think if someone see's the car & they are looking for a cortina, this will be perfect :-) Not sure on how much it is worth so would be keen to know approx valuations. Any help or advice would be really useful many thanks Danny
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