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  1. My Dad had a 71/72, 1600 GT in blue with a blue vinyl roof. It had a Webasto roof fitted too, sadly missing without trace.
  2. Many thanks for that kind scouting offer sir. Like the famous proverb says "many eyes make elusive panels less impossible to locate"
  3. Alas, I have already knocked upon Robin's door looking for the panel. He does have an estate rear wing.....a nearside one obviously! 😫 I wonder if you could turn one inside out? What a stupid idea, there'd be no provision for the petrol flap
  4. Many thanks for the heads up on that part, big props also for the part numbers too, most useful. I acquired a N/S/R wing several years ago, haven't seen an O/S one in years of looking though. Currently contemplating surgically removing the rather ropey rear quarter from my knackered estate just to keep in stock.
  5. Like the Senses Fail album, I'm still searching for the elusive panel. I have sterling/swappables/ambrosia waiting for the man that brings me the hind quarter of a mk3 estate.
  6. Can anybody please assist with my project. I've been searching fruitlessly for a Drivers Side Rear Quarter for my stalled Mk3 Estate rebuild. Any help is most graciously appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Tis looking dead flash Andy :thumbup: :thumbup: I couldn't make a sandwich in the time it's taken you to revamp GBC.
  8. Cheers Andy :thumbup: GBC's looking lush I must say,I wish I could make progress at 1/10th the rate you do, CMB'd be finished....well...10 times quicker. As for the Nats, I'm onboard for sure. Are you stil on the confirmed list? Got your doors and grilles lined up for bringing along, is there owt else you require? I'll scout through my shed for any surplus parts I have.
  9. Why thank you Tinman :thumbup: You've just gotta keep plodding away with 'em I guess, don't work to a deadline either, sure fire way to demoralise oneself.
  10. Goddamn, has it been that long since I made any progress with my wagon?? Ok, so there was a touch of rot in my drivers side rear wheel tub (which I didn't get any before pictures of, sorry bout this) Had nay joy trying to source an affordable panel and didn't really feel like it would've been suitable even if I had so burnished a repair section out of what was in the scrap bin What you can't see in the pictures (apart from basically anything due to their quality..ha ha) is the hours of hammering and the euphoria acheived when my pre planned plug weld holes lined up with the bottom of the C-pillar web/flange. Simple things eh..? :wacko: Then a wing got cut off.
  11. Semi-C

    Ruby Red Mk3 Trim

    Hello again, I have attempted to post some photos of most of the aforementioned trim (no shots of the dash as yet, please bear with me) Am open to offers on parts or all of this trim. Thanks for looking, Col.
  12. Semi-C

    Ruby Red Mk3 Trim

    Wotcha, I had a rummage about the place over the weekend and can safely say, every item on the "maybe" list has eluded discovery so I shall revise the advert and price accordingly. Apologies to all those who contacted me, listed below is all I have that's Ruby Red. I can confirm that I definitely have: A set of 4 GXL/XL Door cards, complete with "suitcase handle" door pulls. A pair of A-Panel trims/map pockets. A Clock surround/Facia. A Red, pre-facelift, metal dash panel complete with ashtray. I'm after £90 for the lot. Feel free to get in touch if you want to make me an offer or know anything else relevant. Many thanks again, Col.
  13. How do all, after much soul searching I've decided to offer for sale the pieces of Ruby Red trim I had accumulated for my Estate (I haven't forgotten about it :oops: ) From memory I know I have: A set of 4 GXL/XL Door cards, complete with "suitcase handle" door pulls. A pair of A-Panel trims/map pockets. A Clock surround/Facia. A Red, pre-facelift, metal dash panel complete with ashtray. All of these pieces are in good order, I was more than happy for them to grace the cabin of my Estate but have now come over all "Homes under the Hammer" and decided that Magnolia is the way forward instead. I'm after £130 for the lot. I'm fair sure but not completely convinced that I maybe also have: A Ruby Red dash top/crash pad. A Red column shroud. (pre-facelift) A Red steering wheel centre. B-pillar trims. Sill trims. If I have any joy unearthing all or part of the "maybe" pile then I'll add those bits to the confirmed list. Many thanks for your time, Col.
  14. Semi-C

    Mk3 Door Glass

    Hello all, please please please can somebody out there assist me with my most recent crisis? I require a N/S/F window for a Mk3 saloon in 2000E spec tint, any help would be ace. Many thanks for your time, Col.
  15. Well, progress has been glacial lately although there has been some so can't be all bad I guess Took the patchwork sill off (seriously, it was made up of all food groups and then some!) revealing an inner sill requiring minimal surgery Dressed it in weld-thru primer and readied the sill Had the top step of my sill fabricated (ace work Mark :thumbup: ) but got no pics of it in it's own right. I think it looks trick :wub: Right, so that's one less thing to do. Only most everything else left...... Champion
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