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  1. Hi, I have the front and rear screens, possibly a front bumper. I also have the rear upper panel for a saloon and possibly a wheel arch. I also have a near side front wing. Can't help with the axle unfortunately.
  2. You did have a rant!!!! I suggest you read the posts correctly before posting in future!!! Asking if I'm for real and exempt from the lockdown when you have your facts wrong!!! That's taking the wee wee!!!
  3. I'm taking a few duplicate parts to the Yat if anyone is interested. I'll be at the old Yat camp site from Thursday mid morning. New Items 2ltr & 2300 Air Filter Fram CA2668 £3.50 each or 5 for £15 – I have 8 in total Mk4 nsr Light Unit £10 each – Have 3 of these Head Gasket Set 2300cc £12.50 each or 2 for £20 Upper Void Bushes – Pair £15 Weber 32/36 Pneumatic Pump Diaphragm £2.50 10x Ford Wheel Nut Covers ( New ) Black £15 4spd Gearbox Gasket Set £10 2ltr Fan Belt £5 Mk4 GL Interior Wiring Loom £10 Motorcraft AGR12 Spark Plug 2300 – unsure if fit 2ltr £9 for 6 or £25 for all 22 Bonnet Grommet & Stay Clip £5 Brand New Exterior Chrome Door Handle £10 OSR Wheel Arch £25 each – I have 2 Mk4 Saloon Rear Light Panel - Gen Ford £85 Pair Front Mk4 Wings - Non Gen £85 each or £150 for the pair Passenger Front Wing £85 Universal 2 Door Central Locking Kit – Brand New £10 Used Items Very Clean Fuse Box 80BG14A067BA £20 Mk4 Steering Column £10 Mk4 Front Bumper £20 Mk4 Rear Bumper £20 Mk4 Front Screen £30 Mk4 Rear Screen £30 Cortina L Speedo Fuel and Temp Cluster £10 Mk4 Cortina Workshop Manual £20 All prices are negotiable If anyone wants me to save anything for them, I request part payment to hold it please as I've been messed around before holding things and then the person doesn't want it. Here's hoping it's as good a weekend as last year and the weather is kind to us again. I hope everyone has a safe and uneventful trip down, across, up or which ever way you're coming. See you there 😀
  4. I have a front roof section for the Mk4 saloon if anyone has a shot sunroof and wants ti fill the hole. This is cut from the lower windscreen post and the front of the 'b' post. £30 - collection only
  5. The following items are now sold Mk4/5 rear lower valance saloon Mk4 n/s front wing Mk4 o/s front wing Mk4 4dr saloon 4x doors
  6. I have the following items for sale if anyone is interested:- Mk4/5 rear arches - pair £40 Mk4/5 rear lower valance saloon - gen ford £40 Mk4 n/s front wing - non genuine £85 Mk4 o/s front wing - non genuine £85 Mk4 rear upper panel - saloon - gen Ford £90 Mk4 4dr saloon 4x doors £125 - collection from York only I'm willing to store the above items and deliver to Cortina Day if needed, barring the doors which are collection only, as long as a 50% non refundable deposit has been paid for each item required. Sorry to be harsh, but I have been caught out on numerous occasions by people saying they want something and then not need it when I see them. I'll be staying at the old Yat site, as normal, if you wish to collect from there. I also have various glass from Mk4 4dr saloons. These are from GL models, so I don't think they are tinted. I will also be bringing a couple of boxes of bits, old and new, for you to rummage through.
  7. I have a Mk4/5 bonnet that I no longer need, so I'm offering it for sale. It's in good condition, but does need cleaning up (dirt, not rust) & painting. I will take pictures if anyone is interested in it. Collection from York only. £35
  8. I can, but by the time I have a box made for it and posted it, I bet you're not far off an extra £10 - £15. I'll obviously do it at cost, but just to warn you.
  9. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="lordbeaver" data-cid="672310" data-time="1524206042"><p> Lovely, where are you?</p></blockquote> Im in York
  10. Yes, it is a mk4 GL shelf. I'll do it for £10
  11. I also have these items for sale. If you're interested in anything. let me know. Amongst other things:- The rear lights are new non Ford The GL parcel shelf isn't mint, but its very usable The glove box has a section already cut out for a stereo. There's a 1600 cam belt and a 2000 Two transmission tunnel gearbox mountings
  12. I have these items for sale on eBay at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/x14spares/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Hopefully that link will work. If you are interested in anything, make an offer on ebay and say that your on BSC and give your BSC name. I also have a pair of pattern Mk4 wings @ £90 each - preferably sell as a pair - collection from York only 2x 2300 top end gasket sets 1x Mk4 heater ducting and controls - collection from York only Window mechs, window handles, GL center console with mounting bracket Pair of inner sills £40 - collection from York only Plus other bits that I haven't got to yet
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