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  1. I'm taking a few duplicate parts to the Yat if anyone is interested. I'll be at the old Yat camp site from Thursday mid morning. New Items 2ltr & 2300 Air Filter Fram CA2668 £3.50 each or 5 for £15 – I have 8 in total Mk4 nsr Light Unit £10 each – Have 3 of these Head Gasket Set 2300cc £12.50 each or 2 for £20 Upper Void Bushes – Pair £15 Weber 32/36 Pneumatic Pump Diaphragm £2.50 10x Ford Wheel Nut Covers ( New ) Black £15 4spd Gearbox Gasket Set £10 2ltr Fan Belt £5 Mk4 GL Interior Wiring Loom £10 Motorcraft AGR12 Spark Plug 2300 – unsure if fit 2ltr £9 for 6 or £25 for all 22 Bonnet Grommet & Stay Clip £5 Brand New Exterior Chrome Door Handle £10 OSR Wheel Arch £25 each – I have 2 Mk4 Saloon Rear Light Panel - Gen Ford £85 Pair Front Mk4 Wings - Non Gen £85 each or £150 for the pair Passenger Front Wing £85 Universal 2 Door Central Locking Kit – Brand New £10 Used Items Very Clean Fuse Box 80BG14A067BA £20 Mk4 Steering Column £10 Mk4 Front Bumper £20 Mk4 Rear Bumper £20 Mk4 Front Screen £30 Mk4 Rear Screen £30 Cortina L Speedo Fuel and Temp Cluster £10 Mk4 Cortina Workshop Manual £20 All prices are negotiable If anyone wants me to save anything for them, I request part payment to hold it please as I've been messed around before holding things and then the person doesn't want it. Here's hoping it's as good a weekend as last year and the weather is kind to us again. I hope everyone has a safe and uneventful trip down, across, up or which ever way you're coming. See you there 😀
  2. I have a front roof section for the Mk4 saloon if anyone has a shot sunroof and wants ti fill the hole. This is cut from the lower windscreen post and the front of the 'b' post. £30 - collection only
  3. The following items are now sold Mk4/5 rear lower valance saloon Mk4 n/s front wing Mk4 o/s front wing Mk4 4dr saloon 4x doors
  4. I have the following items for sale if anyone is interested:- Mk4/5 rear arches - pair £40 Mk4/5 rear lower valance saloon - gen ford £40 Mk4 n/s front wing - non genuine £85 Mk4 o/s front wing - non genuine £85 Mk4 rear upper panel - saloon - gen Ford £90 Mk4 4dr saloon 4x doors £125 - collection from York only I'm willing to store the above items and deliver to Cortina Day if needed, barring the doors which are collection only, as long as a 50% non refundable deposit has been paid for each item required. Sorry to be harsh, but I have been caught out on numerous occasions by people saying they want something and then not need it when I see them. I'll be staying at the old Yat site, as normal, if you wish to collect from there. I also have various glass from Mk4 4dr saloons. These are from GL models, so I don't think they are tinted. I will also be bringing a couple of boxes of bits, old and new, for you to rummage through.
  5. I have a Mk4/5 bonnet that I no longer need, so I'm offering it for sale. It's in good condition, but does need cleaning up (dirt, not rust) & painting. I will take pictures if anyone is interested in it. Collection from York only. £35
  6. I can, but by the time I have a box made for it and posted it, I bet you're not far off an extra £10 - £15. I'll obviously do it at cost, but just to warn you.
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="lordbeaver" data-cid="672310" data-time="1524206042"><p> Lovely, where are you?</p></blockquote> Im in York
  8. Yes, it is a mk4 GL shelf. I'll do it for £10
  9. I also have these items for sale. If you're interested in anything. let me know. Amongst other things:- The rear lights are new non Ford The GL parcel shelf isn't mint, but its very usable The glove box has a section already cut out for a stereo. There's a 1600 cam belt and a 2000 Two transmission tunnel gearbox mountings
  10. I have these items for sale on eBay at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/x14spares/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Hopefully that link will work. If you are interested in anything, make an offer on ebay and say that your on BSC and give your BSC name. I also have a pair of pattern Mk4 wings @ £90 each - preferably sell as a pair - collection from York only 2x 2300 top end gasket sets 1x Mk4 heater ducting and controls - collection from York only Window mechs, window handles, GL center console with mounting bracket Pair of inner sills £40 - collection from York only Plus other bits that I haven't got to yet
  11. Hi Steve, Yes I still have a couple of sets left
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