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  1. Hi mate. I'm an mot tester & that amount of rot is shocking & should never have been missed! I've tested many Cotinas in my time, including my own, & these are so easy to feel the rot on inner sills, unlike modern cars which have a lot of trim etc in the way. Contact VOSA,(now DVSA). If you put in an appeal, they will always follow it up. They will arrange a retest at a testing station & invite the tester & yourself to attend. The car will be re-examined. The tester will have to answer to the inspector & I can't see it ending well for him or the garage. Sloppiness like that should not be tolerated, & that's exactly what this is, not an honest mistake. Do not carry out any repairs in the meantime or cut out any rot as this will hamper the appeal. I realise that you may not want the hassle, but that means the garage will get away with carrying out shoddy testing & next time, someone could be involved in an accident due to dangerous defects. I really feel for you- what a sickener!
  2. Cheers for your replies. The starter has been playing up for some time. Occasionally don't crank and would go with a tap from a hammer shaft so might just be solenoid. Gave up totally the other day. Will remove it and strip it first to see what's going on then take it from there.
  3. Hi. Not been on here for a few years as Cortina has been sorned due to lack of time. Looking to get her back on the road this summer. Just found that starter has gone up the spout. Does anybody have a good working unit please? I know it's a bit of a rare one as it's for a 1981 X reg 2.3 V6 auto. Am I right in thinking these starters are unique to the auto, due to pinion length? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I've repaired some rot boxes in my time- lots of cortinas & other stuff in 30 years of doing it professionally. I think your fabrication skills are pretty amazing mate! If you're not doing it for a living,maybe you're in the wrong job!! Just goes to show,anything can be salvaged with time,skill,tools and patience. You are the living proof of that. Just excellent! can't wait to see it finished.
  5. That just looks superb mate. You have done a cracking job. Another lovely Mk4 saved. Well done.
  6. Wow! Just when you thought you'd seen the last of the 'hidden' Mk4's. This is a real gem mate, you've bagged yourself a very desirable motor there! Proper jealous! Ps,i think it looks better without the boot spoiler. Good luck with the car,whatever you decide to do.
  7. Hi Paul, how are you? Not been on here since last year when your LS was almost a shell. I was, then greeted with the amazing sight that is the finished thing! I did'nt think the car would be anything less than first class when finished. You have two of the very best Mk5's in existence & they are a credit to you mate! Hope to see the LS in the flesh one day. Best wishes. Richard.
  8. That looks mint mate.I love a white mk5,(cause i own one too!!) lol.
  9. Lovely looking motor mate. I remember seeing it at the Yat. You must be chuffed!
  10. I think your mk5 is lovely mate.I was parked next to you at the Yat last year,(white mk5 2.3) & i remember thinking how well it looked. I think the mods you have made are subtle & tasteful & it in no way spoils the car. You have to keep it! cos you know you're gonna regret it if you sell. I feel same about mine,as i've only done around 100 miles in it this year,but just can't face selling as i know i'll want another come the show season & i think original,solid examples are rare now & i don't think i'd find another for the price i paid for mine. Best wishes. Richard.
  11. That looks stunning mate. I am biased though,as i have a Mk5 2.3GL V6 in white. That was my first choice & could'nt believe my luck when i found one so tidy. My daily is a seat ibiza & guess what colour it is????? Hope it gives you much pleasure.
  12. Reminds me of my old Mk3 2dr,(that i sold for £500 ten years ago!, Boo hoo!!!!!) if only i'd known their future value!! Why don't i stumble across barn finds like those? nice cars mate.Well done.
  13. Hi Paul. That looks to be coming on a treat now. Some excellent work,but should we really expect anything less judging by the huntsman?? The old push button radio is the same as mine & it still works,complete with period crackles when you turn up the volume! Not many channels though these days on medium/long wave!! Keep up the good work mate.
  14. Your Mk3 is stunning mate. A credit to you. Looks real good parked up with the others.
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