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  1. Cheers for your replies. The starter has been playing up for some time. Occasionally don't crank and would go with a tap from a hammer shaft so might just be solenoid. Gave up totally the other day. Will remove it and strip it first to see what's going on then take it from there.
  2. Hi. Not been on here for a few years as Cortina has been sorned due to lack of time. Looking to get her back on the road this summer. Just found that starter has gone up the spout. Does anybody have a good working unit please? I know it's a bit of a rare one as it's for a 1981 X reg 2.3 V6 auto. Am I right in thinking these starters are unique to the auto, due to pinion length? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. That looks a real beauty! Becoming hard to find in that condition. I'm sure that it won't hang around. When you add up what it costs to buy & restore a rough example,it really does make this £2000 well spent. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Jim,bit of a long shot but do you have,or know anyone who has a bronze tint windscreen for my Mk5 in good nick? Mine has a stone chip that happened before i got the car & has'nt spread but if i could get my hands on a good one,i might replace it. I'm not in a rush to fit so could collect from the Yat this year if necessary. Thanks.
  5. These are currently available on ebay, chaps for same price if anyone desperately wants one. At time of writing,there are four available.Type in,'cortina mk4' into 'toys & games,die-cast vehicles-corgi'& look there. They're in there somewhere!
  6. Wish i had seen that earlier,Jim. Did Nashy's mate buy it in the end? Looks like he bagged himself a bargain there. jammy bugger!
  7. I enquired about this car back in feb/march time but the guy described it as 'mint' which it quite clearly is'nt. It also had nothing to verify the mileage,no service history & the original,(only owner) had moved away so could'nt find out anything more about it. I just decided it was'nt nice enough for me & at that price was a tad expensive. Reckon it was worth a grand but i don't think he would have let it go for that. Should make a good one though with a bit of work & at the right price.
  8. yes sir lol and i do take paypal cheers Hi mate. Desperation kicking in now! lol. If the other two guys don't buy them,i'll have em please. My kids are desperate to go out in the mk5 but ,alas,no rear belts. If you know anyone else selling any for a similar price,i'm yer man. Cheers.
  9. Mackylad

    Mk5 mudflaps

    Hi everyone. Just to let you all know,i'm sorted with the mudflaps. Got a set off ebay. Thanks to anyone who took the time to look.
  10. Mackylad

    Mk5 mudflaps

    Does anyone have a decent set of mudflaps to fit a mk5? Not especially bothered if they not genuine as long as they're good quality,(rubber with the metal strip inside).Prefer it if they had the fastenings too but not essential. Bought a set of universal ones last week from a certain large car spares store,only to SNAP one of them in half when trying to fit it!!!!!! Cheap & nasty plastic-not good. Please email me W.H.Y? richymack13@aol.co.uk. or leave a message on here. Thanks.
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