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  1. Some great work going on there Tony, your the man......
  2. Trust this Cortina to have a homing instinct.....Just like when you move house you must keep the cat indoors for a couple of months, before you let it out.
  3. skodaboy

    2.3 carb wanted

    My advise is dont bother with the pierburg....its crap, best option is a Webber 38dgas with a manual choke, it will unleash the power of your 2.3 and improve you MPG.
  4. I cant wait to see it Tony, your skills are becoming legend...
  5. I think Jim they are just as rare.
  6. Thanks Steve, unfortunately they are the same as the ones I already have. I have found a post by Jim of Littlenewt2067 fame asking for the same things but he has pictures, Thanks Jim, your my hero... .https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/51523-mk5-seat-belt-stalk-passenger-side-the-extended-ones/?hl=%2Bseat+%2Bbelt
  7. Yeah I saw that, but its not mk5 front. they are ridgidly mounted to the seat bracket with 2 bolts. good try thank you.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of the extended seat belt stalks as attached to the front seats. I'm fitting a centre consol and have been told they will be easier to use than the standard ones.
  9. Unfortunately the gear failed at my mechanic mates house while he was replacing the brakes. If it had happened at my house I would have done it myself. So was unable to view the repair. The gears I settled on were these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-2-0-2-3-2-6-2-8-V6-Cologne-Alloy-cam-gear-Capri-Granada-Sierra-Xr4-Taunus-/232561206222?
  10. I just got the car back, and yes the gears do make a noise, but maybe with time they will bed in. At least its back home safe.....which is more than can be said for my wallet...
  11. Just reminder warning to all you ladies and gentlemen about the chroming company. There are better companys available........
  12. Yes they do feel like they have been kicked......
  13. Err, well due to a sublime piece of planning and the fact that God hates me. The gear has failed on my 2.3, I'm now £225 lighter and just waiting for the weather to improve bf I get it fitted.....
  14. If its a Pierburg, best to change it and fit a Webber 38dgas and fit a manual choke, it will unleash the power of the engine, you can the contact Burtons performance to rejet it for your engine. I found the Pierburg that came with my Cologne 2.3 was a useless bucket of bolts that just strangled my engine......
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