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  1. skodaboy

    2.3 carb wanted

    My advise is dont bother with the pierburg....its crap, best option is a Webber 38dgas with a manual choke, it will unleash the power of your 2.3 and improve you MPG.
  2. I think Jim they are just as rare.
  3. Thanks Steve, unfortunately they are the same as the ones I already have. I have found a post by Jim of Littlenewt2067 fame asking for the same things but he has pictures, Thanks Jim, your my hero... .https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/51523-mk5-seat-belt-stalk-passenger-side-the-extended-ones/?hl=%2Bseat+%2Bbelt
  4. Yeah I saw that, but its not mk5 front. they are ridgidly mounted to the seat bracket with 2 bolts. good try thank you.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of the extended seat belt stalks as attached to the front seats. I'm fitting a centre consol and have been told they will be easier to use than the standard ones.
  6. I have not been in touch with Lloyd since I took the original pictures, It seems he has sold it to these jokers, it looks from these new pictures just like I saw it. Lloyd said he was looking for approx 3k but might be open to a good offer. At 7K it should remain at large for some time and show this unscupulous dealer he cant turn a quick buck. Someone will buy it but it wont be a bargin. but good luck to them anyway.
  7. Some interia and external photos.....
  8. Please give Lloyd a ring on 07814357878 The car is in Chatham, Kent. He is looking for around £3k but a sensible offer may procure it.
  9. Hi lads, sorry I should have been clearer, yes the arm rest, not completley sure how many brackets there are. my guess is 3, Dave if you do have it all then yes please. I will PM you.
  10. Hi all, does anyone have the brackets that mount the centre console for a MK5? I have the right colour console but missing the brackets.
  11. Please give Lloyd a ring on 07814357878 Car is in Chatham, Kent.
  12. My link The car is still available, sorry stupid Photobucket playing silly sods with the pictures....
  13. NGK Coil Hi everyone, I have for sale a new NGK coil unit that is suitable for Ford Cortina/Granada using the Bosch distributor with electronic ignition 1979 to 1983. I bought it recently but unfortunately cant use it with my set up. I just want £10.00 + 1.95 P/P and its yours, NGK are the best available, If the Japanese cant get electrics right then were all in trouble. Above is a link to the coil I bought.
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