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  1. That’s hilarious not seen a rant like that for some time
  2. as above wanted y piece splitter for early 1500 gt head to incorporate the sender and water hose
  3. Hi Mike vents same for both I prob got some . the wiring I may have also from an early gt so series 1
  4. Hi yes have got motor and linkage And wipers as well
  5. Looks like it's yours if you want it pal I'll Pm you mate
  6. thenuggett66


    Seeing as you are a friend of Allan bullens
  7. thenuggett66


    Hi got a set of 5 need blasting and painting
  8. Hi could you send pics please and an idea of price and location please


    Cheers gary

  9. Series 2 chocolate box pal
  10. If you send me email I will post to you
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