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  1. mikeh

    Rear Bulb holders

    thanks for that contact number to make arrangments 07533973723
  2. mikeh

    Rear Bulb holders

    chorley not far from you
  3. mikeh

    Rear Bulb holders

    still no luck with the rear bulb holders does anybody know if the rear lights from a corsair will fit the mk2 clutching at straws here Help !!!!!!!!!!! :headscratch:
  4. mikeh

    Rear Bulb holders

    Hi all I know its christmas and almost New Year but had a break from eating and drinking to do some work on tina few bits missing. anyone have the Rear Bulb holders for Cortina mk 2 its one side i have missing the indicator holder and more importantly the stop and tail light holder so if you come across one when you get back to working on your cars can you let me know please. All the best for the New Year at BSC and members :plasma:
  5. mikeh

    Mk2 Fuse box and cover

    Hi gary yes im in chorley give me a ring to sort something out cheers 07533973723 thanks for the reply.
  6. mikeh

    cortina mk 2 parts

    sorry cant help with the box
  7. mikeh

    cortina mk 2 parts

    thanks for the interest but dont understand your request sorry
  8. mikeh

    Mk2 Fuse box and cover

    no idea of value wouldnt like to insult you pm me if you have a figure in mind
  9. have a selection of parts for sale no pictures at the moment but if any one interested gladly post some parts for sale full set of series 2 doors (4 door) 2 boot lids 1 scuttle grille at least 2 pairs of headlight bezels series 1 front grille including red badge may find some more bits if i dig deep enough let me know if your interested.all parts reasonable condition but will point out any bad bits if interest.
  10. mikeh

    Mk2 Fuse box and cover

    thats the bad boy i am having trouble getting hold of is it a spare one and if so is it for sale?
  11. mikeh

    Mk2 Fuse box and cover

    Hi Gary thanks for quick reply have you any price in mind and would you be able to post to lancashire thanks:thumbup:
  12. :smashcomp: looking for a fuse box for mk2 or if any one has a broken one mine is repairable and if they had a cover to protect the fuses one on ebay at moment bet it does stupid money not getting involved with money grabbers.
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