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  1. It's a straight bolt on job. Using the Scorpio VIS inlet manifold and exhaust Powered by the Escort RS2000 ECU and injectors. A lot of messing around making a wiring loom as i didnt have one and needed to build one from scratch. Pulls like a rocketship above 3000rpm and just keeps going. If you keep off the loud pedal 42mpg is achievable, 100kmph @2750rpm in 5th gear.
  2. Thanks to a run bearing in the head, I ditched the 8valve head and got my hands on this: A lot of extra work changing from carb to EFI but finally got it all done.
  3. Quick question for anyone who may have a crank/ cam/ aux shaft seal for a 2 litre SOHC ford engine laying around. What is the dimensions of the above seal? Thanks all.
  4. I got to agree...the Luminition system is good....I fitted mine back in 1985 and only took it out in 2005 when I converted to programmable ignition...during the whole time it never missed a beat.
  5. First you really need to decompress the engine unless you dont want to run any more than about 6lbs boost. Easiest way is to fit double head gaskets...not very reliable Secondly you can fit a decompression plate...better but still not the best Get custom made pistons that sit lower in the bore to drop the CR down to a suitable level...best The crank is ok for moderate boost levels but you really need to go for the wide beam injection rods for a bit more strength. Having the block O-ringed is a good idea too.
  6. The local aircraft manufacturer here is fitting supercharged versions of the V10 to there planes rather than the traditional turbine engine. Power output is about the same, weighs much the same, parts are so much cheaper and intervals between services is like 4 times as long.
  7. You are so spoilt for choice of engines over there...If it were me I'd be straight round the breakers to measure up a triton v10 from a Ford F series... :lol:
  8. Didn't the Merkur come out with a factory 2.3 turbo pinto engine there?...that might be a better basis to start with.
  9. That might be a misprint...the 2.0 should make 96hp. Cam failure is usually caused by incorrect valve clearence adjustments and not through blocked oil holes...Pintos are so reliable they can almost run without oil :lol: Many a time i pulled the dipstick out on mine and found nothing but rust on the end... If you want to turbo a stock engine then the words "Turbo, inexpensive and blowup" will be the words to describe what will happen shortly after you finish the project.
  10. The 44's will give you better torque due to the longer intake runners. The genuine German assembled RS2000 Escorts used them along with Group 1 valves and cam...these produced 160-170hp...not bad for a road car made in 1976 :thumbup:
  11. FYI, the 28/32 was used on the DOHC Sierra, the mounting is the same size width-wise, but a lot shorter length-wise. I'm in the process of trying to fit a 32/36 to my DOHC as we speak :wacko:
  12. The LTSA state that you are allowed a 20% increase in power without having to upgrade brakes or other safety devices on your car...so I guess if you want to stay within the law you are limited to 120hp. A 32/36 can be machined out and properly jetted to flow better than 40's at less cost. A decent porting job, suitable cam, standard Weber and freeflowing exhaust can get you up to 135hp at best and still make it quite resonably drivable around town. 45's, big valves and cam can get you to 150hp and 48's, super big valves and radical cam can get you close to 200hp....but i wouldnt want to drive that on the road... So long as you are using the Sierra type 9 gearbox then the Cortina flywheel is fine. Also, if you cant find a decent set of extractors then the standard Sierra dual outlet exhaust manifold is quite good...as standard it flows enough to make 115hp on a EFI Pinto.
  13. How much extra power are you looking for? The standard 32/36 Weber can flow enough air to get you up to 135+hp. No point going to 40's after that, just go straight to 45's. 48's are a bit of an overkill for a street car.
  14. A friend of mine runs a 3.0 V6 with a type N 4 speed and a 2.89:1 rear axle in his Mk5 wagon...how does 70mph in second gear sound?... :rambo:
  15. Ah ha!...I had this problem a few years back with a different brand manifold. The problem was the guy who sold it just picked the first pinto manifold off the shelf and it turned out to be one for a 2.0 pinto into a Mk2 Escort conversion. After lots of swearing I returned it and got the correct one...it fitted no problems.
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