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  1. Hi i have a pair of single round headlamps with the backing fitting came off a 71 mk3 xl Hi all.. I am in the process of buying a facelift Mk3. it has the square headlamps.. However, I want to convert it to the "single" round headlamp set up.. I have access to a grill.. but I need both round headlamps and back mounting plates etc.... can anyone help??? If so.. how much please? Kindest regards, Kevin :)
  2. Dear all i need rear side door windor glass rubber seals URGENT which clip in front of window glass, where it joins outside the top of the door mine have perished and some chrome roof gutter trim and front velour beige seats just had car painted this week AWAITING TRIM REFIT reg of car if anyone knows the car S576 ALE WHITE GHIA MK4 please drop me a line PURCHASED VIA EBAY LAST YEAR ALSO NEED SET OF GHIA CHROME WHEEL NUTS X16 CALL ME ON 07900250690 THANKS
  3. For sale sat in my garage for about 8 years all out of mk 1 granadas couple of auto boxes also was told one of the engines is rebuilt to a high standard but i cant confirm that buyer collects offers invited all complete call me on 07900 250690 colin in sunny devon LOL one engine was removed last year and was purring very nicely when removed
  4. I have one...... the leather binding is coming loose but apart from that its ok it has the diffent size holes cut out on the three arms is that right ???made of alloy my number is 07900 250690....... i might have two i need to get to the back of my garage at the w/end
  5. Hi it is a four cyl pinto white needle and how much are your panels thanks colin j
  6. Hi all sellers i need a pair of cortina mk4 outer sills and rear arches, a petrol flap and a rev counter please call me on colin 07900250690 i will collect from anywhere i live in devon but am prepared to travel cash on collection thanks all fellow cortina fans regards colin j
  7. cjwhitegxl

    few cheap parts

    Hi miles its colin that bought the mk4 off johny can i buy the rev counter off as the mk4 is missing it if so how much to parcel it to me please
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