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  1. After finding a split in my std m16 calliper I attempted to upgrade to a pair of Princess 4 pots and its been more than a pain in the ass(see my post in modification forum). Anyway,I have had enough and now need a replacement std Mk5 calliper(Passengers side) which I will fit spacers to so I can use the new vented discs.Can anyone help I live in the Rep of Ireland Yours Hoping Eddy
  2. I have managed to get one now Thanks
  3. Hi Has anybody a Petrol Tank for my Mk5 or know anyone in the Tipp/Waterford Area that can fix a hole in one. I have tried local guys and they wont touch it. DAMN YOU IRISH ROADS!
  4. Tiger Ed

    Mk5 Heater motor

    Thanks Your a very nice man
  5. Tiger Ed

    Mk5 Heater motor

    Im sure if I did and it had been there for some time you would know about it as it is newt79mustang's old 2 door. Ps Is he still on the forum as I have tried to update him on the car
  6. Tiger Ed

    Mk5 Heater motor

    Hi Everyone Been sometime since I have been on the forum and Its COLD that has brought me back. I am looking for a Heater Motor for my Mk5 as the one I have has started to run very slowly and make a lot of noise. Who ever the Nice Person is that has one would have to post it to the Rep of Ireland as I am now living here. Yours (with very foggy windows) Tiger Ed
  7. Hi Would you post them to Rep of Ireland
  8. Hi Mate Just want the clock (If it works)and would be happy to pay the £20+Postage if you are willing to post it to me in Rep of Ireland. PM me and we can sort something out
  9. Hi Mate Does it have A rev counter in the dash, if so would be very interested in it
  10. Tiger Ed

    Cortina Clock

    Wanted for my Mk5 Cortina. A Clock (Round Type) to fit into centre console.(The dead one I have is marked with the No 80BB-1500=A1 on the back if that's any help)
  11. Hi Dave if it will fit on to a Mk5 and it is in good nick ,I will have it. I am also in Essex so pick up would not be a problem. PM me and We can sort this out.
  12. Has anyone a Vernier pulley for a pinto they want to find a good home? I am also looking for any other go faster bits i.e.Lightened flywheel, Twin carbs, Oilcooler (I have head and cam)Oh yes I need a rocker cover in good nick too Please PM me with any bits with how much you want for them and I will reply ASAP Thank you TIGER ED
  13. Hi mate are you still around

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