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  1. Hi, could you please inbox me your email address and I will pass on to my buddy who is actually in need of it. Thanks in advance. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi, A friend of mine is looking for a mk3 GT dash top. If you have one or know of one available, any help will be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for the round grill GT badge for the mk3 Corrina. Any leads will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. will see if I can find it. Will let you know
  5. Hi, Anyone have the 3 piece grill like this one for sale or know of someone selling one?
  6. Any chance of one of you having the front 2 piece spoiler?
  7. To each his/her own.....LOL. I have a custom made rear panel on my XR6 and, well for me, I like it....I think the plain jane ones without the panel looks quite.....plain :-)) Also my car is fully custom so it does compliment it. I have seen plenty of Cortinas (mk 4 & 5) here in SA with those panels and they look very neat and complete the back section nicely. Christina, I have a panel which you want....I want R1000.00 for it. Postage for buyers account. Sheffield, if I remember correctly I did send you a guys number a while back for one available here in SA. I will check if I can get in touch with the guy or will try other areas for you. Will let you know.
  8. Lol....not to worry mate....it will be done the legal way.
  9. Hi, Im looking for the chrome beading surrounds which fits around the front and rear tail lights....the ones on the South African version Mk5 Cortina GLS.
  10. Hi, ZAR is the South African Rand....I do have a contact that sends containers to the UK and could get parts stripped and sent in those containers. The body is still in good condition, unfortunately it does not have diff and front suspension. Can email pics.
  11. Hi, I have a Mk5 body which I am selling for spares. It is only short of the bonnet, otherwise its complete. I want ZAR3500 for everything. It has front and rear seats which will go with the sale. I can assist with transport, but will be for buyers account. Will consider stripping/swopping for other mk5 bits.
  12. Hi all, I am looking for the following items for a Mk3 & Mk5 cortina Mk3 - looking for the front grill round GT badge as well as the GT badge for the boot. Mk5 - the cover that goes under your dash. Both on the passenger and driver side. - Bonnet - heat shield cover Please pm me if you have any of these items. Thanks, Sheldon
  13. Hi Sheffield, Please send me pm me - sheldon.moonsammy@cnonline.co.za Do you want me to contact the seller and enquire about shipping? Wasn't quite sure what's your intentions.
  14. Not sure about shipping cost, but I can enquire and get back to you.
  15. Hi Sheffield, Not much luck on the bin for the mk3. However, please see link attached for complete vehicle. http://johannesburg.gumtree.co.za/c-Cars-Vehicles-bakkies-cargo-vans-CORTINA-XLE-LDV-BODY-W0QQAdIdZ364472732
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