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  1. also having thought about it without being rude i wonder if youve made a wiring error on fitting your stereo which would also flat the battery? just a thought? good luck anyway
  2. hi i would say battery earth if bay has been painted but try a different battery on it that you know is good as it may have just dyed as they do now alternator and starter motor wires check nothings loose? also simple checks for spark etc
  3. also a twin choke weber for cortina capri ect for refurb or straight fit offers?
  4. hi dizzy module box etc for swap over complete set up £40 £9 00 postage early sierra set up works on 2.0 pintos type 9 box wanted?
  5. hi im breaking one same colour panels are mint outer sills are gone rear end both sides 1600 engine 4 speed be very quick or will be raced 28/12 10 warton i finish work thurs have another car to use thats built or buy this before i strip it regards lee
  6. hi ive a set of alloys off a cortina corosell slightly different pattern and rare wheels will take tyres off need slight refurb £100 for 4 all nuts ect included full set of panels also available except front wings rust free grey over silver
  7. Im going to have to do some home work as I havnt even heard of some of these... Need to check out some of the UK hotrod sites, Some of the later Peugeot/citroen steels [space savers??] are the same stud pattern and can be banded too, another site to have a look on for wheel ideas is RetroRides
  8. well done miles better than my effort with the evo project the p100 is just a test base to see if it will work and then go into my auto 4 door shell the truck is scrap anyway panels are just tacked so not much to show ive sent you the pics as they wont load maybe you can load them if anyones intrested if you know how the pics have loaded onto the practical classics website okay but not brilliant images but you will get the picture! excuse the pun!
  9. yep inner wings and bulkhead already done inner wings from a hillman hunter with a bit added as they are very flat bulkhead as standard with the bottom 18 inch cut off and mk3 transit van panel grafted in its not the best welding job wont win prizes but the true shape is now there for fitting up its been awkward to say the least im going to ask the ford mags if they want to run an article on it
  10. think it was my last one must have been sold on again only sold it a month ago!
  11. nice to be first one to do something different im looking at mitsubishi evo 300 bhp into a cortina p100 pickup at moment should be something different!needs to be a one off chassis build though and transmission tunnel is a bit of a headscratcher at mo any ideas would be welcome ive already got all the running gear and had a subframe made for the engine but needs cutting and redoing as it is 30mm out!
  12. ha thats okay mate sorry for being so thick! i am from cumbria you know! im getting the hang of this new electricity and television now though just need one of them phone thingys now!
  13. i thought you had sold that looks a good solid project that wish i had more room
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