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  1. Send me your email address for paypal Dave.
  2. Dave, presumably the nuts that are on the non chrome original Rostyles will fit ??? I'm o poor to pay for new nuts!
  3. to buy a set of 13 inch Ford chrome Rostyle wheels preferably 5.5 J Forgot to say ' extremely ' poor!
  4. I'm interested in keeping it as a spare foe my Granada 3000cc Coupe. Is it in good working condition?
  5. A genuine TIME WASTER SELLER. Doesn't even have the manners to reply on the forum or to private messages!
  6. Is there a reason for not stating a price for the car despite being asked for more than once? I would be interested in buying it, but not interested in playing guessing games.
  7. Why so negative with this listing? I'm confused! Is this car not a genuine Jeff Uren Savage?
  8. I have 2 front seats and a rear seat from a 1976, MK3, 4 door L. Cream fabric. Not brilliant condition but very useable. From a 24,000 mile car stored for 40 years. 50 quid for the full set.
  9. Sorry. I just noticed you wanted a rear one.
  10. I think I have one from a 1964 Consul Capri, I think it's the same as the cortina. I'm in Livingston if you want a look.
  11. Is that my old gold and black car that I sold to a guy in Lincolnshire? KTN 173P or was it 176P??
  12. I've got a black one without any gears marked on it. £10 posted.
  13. I saw an advert somewhere on the internet at the weekend for those NOS Ford keys for £30 EACH. That makes the lock with 2 keys a real bargain.
  14. Nice!, especially with the chrome rostyles!! The alloys suck. A real wolf in sheeps clothing!!!
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