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  1. Bronxglenn

    For Free

    I have two front and one rear seat from a 1976 MK3 1600XL. FREE, YES FREE to anyone that can use them. A bottle of red wine wouldn't go wrong!!!!! Not great but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Collect from Livingston. EH54 8BD
  2. Got one now. Problem sorted.
  3. I need a 13" CHROME ROSTYLE wheel in good condition for my MK1 Capri. NO rolling rust please.
  4. See what turns out John. You know what it's like claiming insurance, At least the old dear has admitted full blame. Her insurance has contacted me and taken full blame on her behalf. How's the self employment going for you?
  5. Thanks to an old lady driver, today, My Merc is probably a write off. 5 minutes after I paid as £1504 repair bill to a Merc specialist for repairs and service the old lady coming towards me decided to turn right, right into the drivers side of my car! Front wheel, front wing/bonnet, drivers door and drivers side passengers door and sill all F***** and where do I get parts for a 54 year old Merc??????? She has admitted full responsibility to the Police AND her INSURANCE Company, great, BUT that still leaves me with a destroyed 54 year old classic car. I am gutted!
  6. GhiaMK4/5 at 68 years old I should really grow up and stop buying Gumball cars!
  7. John, you're just like the cavalry. I knew you would come to the rescue! THANKS.
  8. Here we go. Despite being a Classic Ford I bought a real looney tune Merc, but now I want a Cortina again. I currently have the Merc up for sale for £8000 which is realistic. I will sell, swop or px for a Cortina. Where do I start about the Merc ?!?!?!?! A 1965 Merc 4 door modified saloon. 54 year old bodyshell, NOT brand new, a few dents but rust free. OUT with the 1900cc engine, box, wheels, seats, door cards, centre console, electrics, suspension, brakes, diff, carb, etc, etc, etc. Basically EVERYTHING apart from the bodyshell. IN goes a 5.5 V8 AMG automatic, elec windows, central locking, plus all AMG parts including ---- alloys, dash, console, door cards, electric windows, central locking, brakes, suspension, leather seats, carpets, injection, tinted glass, etc, etc, etc. Non Merc parts ---New rechromed bumpers, New period spotlights, New and discrete full roll cage. The 1965 shell is solid and rust free. Just spent well a lot of money last week on a new battery, radiator, service, waterless coolant, some fly by wire gadget on the throttle linkage and some other odd jobs at Klasse Automotive, East Calder, the best independent Merc/BMW specialist in Scotland. I only bought this Merc to help someone out financially and because I'm a nut job and delinquent old age pensioner. A retired car dealer from West Linton, Scotland bought this Mercedes Monster in April this year for £10,000. A week later, after a boating accident in Loch Lomond his empty boat was washed up ashore at Cameron House Hotel. His body was found floating on the loch the next day. Sad but true. I couldn't make this story up! Want to swop, sell or px this £8000 car for a Cortina, Str8 swop, Sell £8000 or px with cash either way. Think of this car as - A Mafia Staff car A KGB car A Gestapo car or Von Ryans Express Crowd puller, nice fun or daily driver and totally extrovert car. E55 V8 AMG = quite fast to say the very least. I am useless at loading pics but the car can be seen in the classic car section of www.freeads.co.uk Maybe some nice Cortina person on this site will put a link on here for me.
  9. Send me your email address for paypal Dave.
  10. Dave, presumably the nuts that are on the non chrome original Rostyles will fit ??? I'm o poor to pay for new nuts!
  11. to buy a set of 13 inch Ford chrome Rostyle wheels preferably 5.5 J Forgot to say ' extremely ' poor!
  12. I'm interested in keeping it as a spare foe my Granada 3000cc Coupe. Is it in good working condition?
  13. A genuine TIME WASTER SELLER. Doesn't even have the manners to reply on the forum or to private messages!
  14. Is there a reason for not stating a price for the car despite being asked for more than once? I would be interested in buying it, but not interested in playing guessing games.
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