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  1. Sorry I don't have one.
  2. Selling a full set ( 6 ) pieces of glass for a MK3. For just £80 they are worth putting away in the garage because you never know when ............. Location EH548BD glennspiteri@hotmail.com 07394 433797
  3. Selling 5 painted Rostyle wheels from a 1969 1600E. One has a chrome embellisher. Antique Michelins hold air and ok for shunting but NOT for the road. Wheels are in decent useable condition. £100 Also have a starter motor for a 1600 Cortina/Capri. Looks like new but not been tested. £35 Location EH548BD glennspiteri@hotmail.com 07394 433797
  4. Got a 1969 1600cc. New platinum battery, new starter motor. Turn the key and it's like a flat battery that wont turn the engine over. Is there something about connecting the starter motor to a chassis earth?
  5. Bronxglenn

    For Free

    I have two front and one rear seat from a 1976 MK3 1600XL. FREE, YES FREE to anyone that can use them. A bottle of red wine wouldn't go wrong!!!!! Not great but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Collect from Livingston. EH54 8BD
  6. Thanks everyone. Time to get the overalls on!
  7. Thanks guys. I'll have a better look at the earth wire(s).
  8. What is the best engine oil for a 1969 Ford 1600cc OHV engine. Modern oil seems to thick. Engine turns slowly on start up despite a brand new starter motor and new battery. I can only think the oil is a bit to thick compared to the oil available back in 1969. Thanks
  9. Got one now. Problem sorted.
  10. I need a 13" CHROME ROSTYLE wheel in good condition for my MK1 Capri. NO rolling rust please.
  11. See what turns out John. You know what it's like claiming insurance, At least the old dear has admitted full blame. Her insurance has contacted me and taken full blame on her behalf. How's the self employment going for you?
  12. Thanks to an old lady driver, today, My Merc is probably a write off. 5 minutes after I paid as £1504 repair bill to a Merc specialist for repairs and service the old lady coming towards me decided to turn right, right into the drivers side of my car! Front wheel, front wing/bonnet, drivers door and drivers side passengers door and sill all F***** and where do I get parts for a 54 year old Merc??????? She has admitted full responsibility to the Police AND her INSURANCE Company, great, BUT that still leaves me with a destroyed 54 year old classic car. I am gutted!
  13. GhiaMK4/5 at 68 years old I should really grow up and stop buying Gumball cars!
  14. John, you're just like the cavalry. I knew you would come to the rescue! THANKS.
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