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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, im looking for an exhaust for my 2.0 mk5 estate, specifically the middle and rear. If anyone had one at a reasonable price, please let me know. cheers iain
  2. Evening all. I'm looking for a bit of honest advice, opinions, thoughts or whatever regarding a replacement exhaust. The car is a facelift 2000GT. It has all its standard bits still.... The square, cast manifold and a mild steel system. That system cost me £40 back in the day and I fitted it myself laying on the garage floor! Anyway, the system has a few holes at the back end which I've pugged up a few times and where it joins the manifold is leaking too (once again). I always fancied one of the tubular manifolds as it would, at the very least, look a bit more GTish. But I've never come across a good one for sale. And one of these days there's going to be one too many holes to fill. It's all OK for now. I can dickie it up a bit more but I'm starting to think of the replacement. All I see everywhere is Ashley. They've got the twisty tubes going on and a matching system. I've read good things and bad about them but never experienced them myself. Are they any good? What do they sound like compared to standard? Will they last long? Any improvement in performance? Now, another option MIGHT be a stainless system one day. But then what manifold? Stick with the cast iron box, go for Ashley or is it possible to do stainless manifold too? Sorry to go on so much and sorry if I don't make much sense. Thanks in advance though
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