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Found 29 results

  1. Just acquired. June 2021. Using as is and making a list of work to do, minimal as car is near mint, while collecting bits for LHD to RHD conversion. Plan is to make the conversion look standard but retain the ability to reverse it. More photos when I can compress them to fit limits!!
  2. Anyone know of an A frame rear axle casing & ally gearbox tailshaft going for sale?
  3. Any hydraulics experts on here? What is the consequence of using a different bore master cylinder on the clutch operation - ie instead of 5/8" using an 11/16" master cylinder on a 7/8" slave cylinder ?
  4. Wanted for Mk1 resto - Torpedo propshaft & alloy diff nose cone.
  5. I need a pair of door glass runners that fit inside the doors & are secured with a screw at the back edge of the door near the lock - see pic. Apparently 2 or 4 doors types will do the job.
  6. Looking for NGC 327D 4 dr White Mk1 Deluxe 1500cc with weber 40 DCOE's. Friend of mine's father has recently passed away & he;s looking for the car he built with him about 20 years ago. I seem to recall it in a magazine a few years back. Sold around 2010 by Goodmayes Motor Sales Ltd., Purfleet Ind Park, Purfleet, UK On eBay twice in 2010 and 2011
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lotus-Cortina-Ally-Boot-Hinges/283845932949?hash=item4216893795:g:ipcAAOSwTthed2d1
  8. Nice bit of gear if you remember them :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOTOROLA-8-TRACK-C2ST8-NEW-OLD-STOCK-Eight-TRACK/274334914321?hash=item3fdfa29711%3Ag%3A0VwAAOSwm3ldKGou&LH_BIN=1
  9. Anyone have a battery clamp for sale - like this?
  10. Anyone have a set of rubber mats for an Estate going spare?
  11. Anyone have a set of belts like these they want to sell - particularly the bits that fix to the transmission tunnel. Britax or Ford branded?
  12. Does anyone have a smaller diff flange of 3.37" diameter as the one that's fitted is about 3.56" so doesn't match the prop?
  13. Wanted - does anyone have a flange for the diff end of the Lotus Mk1 propshaft (split one) 3.62" diameter ?
  14. I can't remember who sells these - can anyone tell me please?
  15. If anyone knows of a reliable auto electrician in Essex (Rayleigh) I need one to fit an autosparks loom please.
  16. Anyone have a pair of Mk1 disc McPherson strut backplates for sale?
  17. You uised to be able to buy a pack of nuts & bolts for Mk1 rebuilds on Ebay - anyone remember who sold them?
  18. Not sure if it was anyone on here but I saw a lovely green mk2 driving through Honiton yesterday, Reg RTT and a cool mk1 in Lotus colours cruising around Torquay last night 😀
  19. I need a couple of the door catch striker plates with the captive nuts that sit behind the B pillar please.
  20. I need a C Pillar plastic box for the MK1 aeroflow please if anyone has one. Nearside only.
  21. Anyone broken a Mk1 & kept the wiring that feeds the interior light & courtesy A pillar switched from a Mk1?
  22. I need a pair of plastic end caps for the Mk1 parcel shelf to reproduce by a company in Australia - they want to borrow a pair & pay a holding fee subject to return plus a free pair will be given.
  23. Wanted pair of C pillar covers with or without grilles for 65 Mk1.
  24. If anyone has a mint condition fascia for the aeroflow heater controls please let me know as I need one for a concours restoration.
  25. Lotus Cortina Mk1 early servo with wire clip FULLY RECONDITIONED for sale outright not exchange , call Nick on 07850 212421 (Essex). £600 OVNO.
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