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iow steve

crusader seats in blue

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hi, as the topic says, i believe they are mk5 crusader or ghia seats in blue. in reasonable condition as the drivers seat has only realy been sat in since ive had them and ive only done about 4000 miles in 2 years, ill sort some pics out for anyone interested. they're not out of my car yet as im waiting for my new interior to arrive. quick history of why ive got them and why im selling them, the beige gl seats in my car where completely shot, only good for the scrap heap as they had got damp and rotten, so in search of seats i came acroos these blue seats i have for sale, but they don't match the beige carpet and door panels. i was on the hunt for panels and carpet to match the seats when i managed to get a complete ghia interior, including seats, carpet and door trims but in brown, so now the blue seats are for sale. carpet and door cards too if you want them but they're not in very good condition.


if you are interested then a price can be decided after you've seen pictures.


oh yeah, im on the isle of wight, so that might throw a spanner in the works!

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still got all the interior as above for sale, but ive also got a few more bits too


Single choke Webber, air filter box + Inlet manifold to suit.


Complete 1.6 exhaust sytem from manifold all the way back, i think it may be stainless, any way of checking????


NOS mk4 unpainted slam panel


Original front and rear dampers and springs in good condition.


if anyone ineterested then please just pm me, i can provide pictures for all the above.



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