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Manuals for sale

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Another e-mail:





I used to belong to the ford cortinas owners club (Mks 1-5) when i owned a good condition Mk4 1.6GL (EHJ 19T)


I had collected a few bits and bobs along with the car, to try and keep the whole "classic car" thing alive!!


But sadly the car has gone ( I gave it away!!!) and now i have a couple of manuals that i want to get shot of...!


i had them on ebay but the cost of sending them made them not cost effective and therefore they did not sell


They are the attached pics which should help


the intereurope manual is in used condition but the big hefty workshop manual is in excellent condition and i paid £25 and £7 delivery back in 1995


Make me an offer - I live in north london if you want to save postage to collect them


Mail me back either way


It would be a sin to bung them in the recycling!!


I look forward to hearing from you


Best wishes


Mike Vince



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rather than just binning them why doesn't he donate them to a local charity shop if nobody buys them.. :thumbup:


if its the big gen.ford factory manual then thats well worth having as they are not all that easy to come by now,and are miles better than haynes or similar,so much more detail....

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