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colchester student lathe

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Colchester Student Lathe,

Time for a clearout,

My Colchester Student 24" roundhead has to go,


240volt plugs in to mains socket,

comes with ....

Dickson quick change tool post, spare holders, ceramic tipped tools, boring bar, tipped parting tool, various tipped facing & general tools, boxes of tips, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, face plate, fixed steady, running steady, suds pump, halogen 12v light flexi light [check out the price from RS], 2 running centers I still boxed, tailstock chucks, boxes of drills, centre drills, small indexing head that bolts onto the toolpost so the lathe can be used as a lightweight mill, loads of stuff to go with the machine, too much to list,

Its not a toolroom lathe, its a few years old, as you would expect, there is some minor wear, but all slides are tight, its an ideal jobbing lathe, its got me and a few mates out of trouble a few times, it will have to be removed by purchaser, it will come into 3 major parts, for easier removal, and, as due to ill health, I am not allowed to do anything strenuous, its up the back of my garden in my workshop, and will have to be manhandled down the garden unless a long hyab can be obtained to lift it over my garage, I think it weight about 600kg

I want £600 for it, with EVERYTHING I can find pertaining to the machine, other than stuff I use for engine building,


07954180622, south hertfordshire, 10 mins from the M25 j20 or 10 mins from M1 J7

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