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1979 Roman Bronze Mk4 Ghia

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On 3/20/2024 at 7:40 PM, martog said:

You did well there. :thumbsup:

I tend to find aftermarket exhausts last about 5 years before they start rotting away at the joints then fall apart. The one on my daily modern-ish car fell apart after 6 years which isn't bad going really. Replaced it now with a Stainless non cat straight through pipe with twin tail pipes.

I thought so too. I felt bad as he advertised it for 30 and I offered him 20 which he agreed but when I collected it I gave him 25. I always find people knock me down in price when I'm selling so I thought I would lol.


Not sure how well it'll fit but I'll give it a go. I've not started it up since last June to be honest so I'll see what the exhaust I had off you is sounding like. No point in changing it if it's still half decent. 


That's the trouble with non genuine stuff, doesn't last well at all. My work van had it's original starter motor on it for 7 years, had a replacement last year and it needs another one now 12 months after fitting. It is stopped and started 40 to 50 times a day though 😂 

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2 hours ago, Donncha said:

Read this tread from the start today,

Great story and so lucky to have the car for so long a great history.

Love the car.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the comment 👍 I appreciate that. It is a bit of a story and you're right I am lucky to have kept hold of it for so long. To be honest I can't see me ever parting with it as I've had it so long. 

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