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doctor waffle

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He writes so much of it I think he even believes his own waffle.


Here's an extract from his listing, underneath each paragraph I've put what it should say:-



The car is being listed on behalf of one of our longstanding classic car customers, Kevin. We sold the car to Kevin a couple of years ago.


The car has been relisted because I got caught out a couple of years ago when I run the price up and won my own auction.



Since then it has been the centre piece in a Ford dealers showroom when not being used in the summer months for shows.


Since then it has been sitting in my garage while I wait for everyone to forget that it's the same car I had for sale a couple of years ago.



The description below is the one we used at the time we last sold it, with a couple of amends, when it had covered just 19,600 miles.


The screed of waffle below is the same as I used the last time because there are plenty muppets who believe it's all true and will pay stupid money for my cars (except when I accidentally win my own auctions)



It has travelled 500 miles since and the mileage now is a genuine 20,100. Other than that and Kevin's name now on the V5C nothing has changed.


I've wound the clock forward by 500 miles and put another name on the V5 just to make it

look like it was a genuine sale the last time.



Entertainment value but what a :clown:

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Yep, same stuff every time.


Mr so and so drove to the showroom at 11am on a Tuesday in 1976, bought a car, only used it on Sundays in the dry. Swore on his deathbed that it had no paintwork repairs and that nobody had ever farted in it etc......

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Thought it was just me that found this seller so totally dull....zzzzzzzz. Must have had the Granada for sale on and off for most of last year!! STOP RUNNING YOUR OWN CARS UP WAFFLE !!!!!

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