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Airing your Grievances

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Hi All,


I have noticed a number of times that members have been posting on here to air there greivances towards other people, Some members and some not. Although I appreciate that you may not be happy with the way you have been treated/swindled or what ever. this is not the place to do it.


If you do feel you have been swindled then you should deal with it personally with the individual(s) concerned, if you then feel unsatifisfied then there are legal means to pursue your case.


Naming and saming people (Although the Last posting did not exactly Name anybody) on our site is not the correct course of action and any posts that are deemed liable or not meant in the good will of the site will be deleted.


If however you do see a post that you feel is directed at you then can I ask that you do not retaliate as this will only make matter worse. Please send a message to us and we will review and delete if necessary and also contact the person involved


If you also see a message that you feel is directed at somebody you know again please let us know and we will investigate it.


Other members getting involved in a dispute that you maybe know nothing about again is pointless please do not lower yourself to silly name calling just do not post.


I hope that you understand what I'm trying to say. The last post has now been removed and I hope that we do not have to address this subject again.




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