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My cortina leans to the drivers side ?

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Sorry Andy please explain :headscratch:



2 of the 4 Preface chassis to sub frame bushes have off center holes its not a lot but it could be enough to put it out. I believe it is the 2 upper bushes which have the offset hole




Does this make sense

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My green GXL did same tony, for me it was the gas shocks at rear.

have you measured ground clearance at each corner to narrow down the error

i measured each arch apex to ground on level surface and found rear drivers quarter lower by inch

or rather the passenger gas shock was pushing car up an inch

i fitted regular oil shocks and it settled straight.


just a thought tibbs

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just noticed you are on regular shocks at rear, however, could still be a shock issue

you could also cut spring one side at rear to balance it

theres deffo a science and technique to getting the cars sat right, im having similar thoughts on the swampy car but with front as im too low all round at front

whilst the handling is exceptional, it looks a little low by say an inch

escat same spring and shock setup as my green car yet sits inch lower

looked at the bushes and the offset ones have moved so thats prob why, the tabs on bushes are not in corect place.


for the rear of swampy, when i first did the car, it was way too high, reading back on swampy thread i can the discussion on this, it was jaked up at rear by a crazy amount, again standard set up but with gas shocks, so they came off and i also cut rear springs down


the whole car ended up sat very low, however for me i like the very very solid cornering and motorway stability


driving the 2 cars alternatively i can feel differences in road feel, green car is more unstable but soft ride, at 75 its not quite as solid a ride as swampy


swamoy however the drive for me i would not want to change, its a bit go kart but very solid at 75 on motorway so its personal on that


main thing for you is of course to get the car sat even, so think on if its your springs and shocks at rear and consider cutting one spring to compensate or as you said swap shocks in case one is not compressing all the way or is stiffer

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