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Urgent: heater valve + adapter early mk2

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Today I wanted to fix my leaking heater valve. Looks like it has been repaired before, and during the process the heater valve broke in 2. Result is that the thread is still stuck in the nut and the nut can rotate freely with no effect.. The nut itself is held back by an adaptor that's screwed in the engine block and to remove this part it looks like you need a special tool to fit over 2 protruding thingy's.
2 questions: how can I remove these damaged parts safely, and where can I get new parts to repair the heater?

Some information about the car: built in may 1967, 1.3 pre-crossflow engine, with heavy duty heater system (delivered in Sweden)


I have found the partnumbers in my Cortina parts list:

113E-18K306-A adaptor

113E-18K307-A Nut water valve adaptor

3004E-18538-A Heater valve 12/66-67/8 heavy duty heater replaces 113E-18538-C (which is cortina mk1 part)

See picture attached, encircled parts


If somebody please can help me?


Kind regards,



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Hi Pieter - sorry to tell you but that system is not used on English cars - it is as far as I know , only fitted to some export markets . The only help I can offer is that the valve with a 3004e part number is a Corsair v4 number . Steve.

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