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full chrome rostyles for sale.

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a set of full chromes here going spare. 3 are spot welded one is riveted. condition of chrome is okay, look good from a few feet away but these are not concourse winners. photos show it all.


really getting hard to come across now and to be honest on the right car will look good! or good for rechroming/spares. not getting made any more and never will!?

£200 collect from south east London. could post but that would be extra.

any questions pm me or it is much better to get me on 07969696746




27713840248_bde6d1ee6c_z.jpg9A598FF3-231C-46EB-9A72-67639D3E80B3 by

27713833568_7e76228e55_z.jpgD2F1AA2F-E566-4224-8FFF-1AB67E95C014 by

27713838628_0bf155204a_z.jpg77A59F36-C13D-4B00-B1FA-1A6585172BD1 by

27713835528_0c8f276d47_z.jpgDC14BCB1-B9C0-4F53-9816-3843C1D9B104 by

40872508674_041a020367_z.jpgDDF40B9B-C1EC-4A5C-B4CE-DC2C19EEA50E by


40872509054_3eb23ba8b5_z.jpgBB78B3B9-74DE-4F03-8E82-FD0636278417 by







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