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is there a new forum layout again?

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I must admit I wasn't too sure about it initially, but when you look at how you can configure it to you own personally taste, and the extra options I do find it much better than the old version, especially for uploading photos, and linking to youtube videos etc., especially on the mobile version.


One problem which I hadn't considered until yesterday is that people that use a tablet to access the site may have been switched from the PC Desktop version to the mobile version of the site, which may cause some confusion. There is some info on how to switch back to the desktop version here for android tablet users.


There are a few additions to the site which it didn't have previously -


1. Chatroom, if you want to get together and chat - https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/chatbox/


2. Clubs - any member can start up the ir own club - e.g say if you have a regular meet, or an event you'd like to arrange. Clubs can be open to everyone to participate or can be set to private so that only the members of the club can see the posts etc. The person who sets up the club would be the moderator, rather than the site admin/moderators.



3. Classifieds - This is a dedicated classified area for buying and selling of cars/parts etc. Any listing will automatically list in the for sale section too.



4. Gallery - A place to share pictures of your motors etc



There are also some more enhancements to come soon too.

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