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Mk1 cortina 4 door

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So my mates selling his car and I want it, so now after doing a fair bit to mine it's back up for sale. 

1500 1963 pre airflow gt carb and manifold,

stainless exhaust manifold

custom exhaust.

Elec rad fans, thermostat controlled,

new horns,

new fuel pump,

new starter solenoid,

reconditioned starter motor,

alternator conversion, 

New fusebox with main circuits rewired (headlights heater etc) other circuits left in place and wiring there to rewire if wanted to. 

New upgraded headlamps

Lotus steels

Interiors mint parcel shelf needs trimming to finish 

Lotus style quarter bumpers, 

New fuel tank

New fuel sender 

Carpeted boot but easily removed if need be

New capri spring on rear and 2 inch lowering blocks

Seat belts in the rear not in the front, easily removed if need be. 

White stripes are vinyl so easily removed if need be 

9k as that's what I'm buying the other car for 

Pm me or try to get me on 07584030311 I drive lots so rarely answer straight away 

I have loads of photos but won't let me upload more than 1? If you have WhatsApp or email let me know and I'll send some 


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