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Ford cortina mk3 sales brochures ultimate collection

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Guys, as I am no longer interested in Mk3 cortinas, decided to sell my sales brochures collection I built for about last 12 years.


I doubt this is the largest mk3 brochures (and I mean only mk3, there are no ford catalogues containing other ford models together with mk3, except about 2 exceptions) collection in the world


If I count well 128 brochures from UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Swiss, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Danemark, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan. Each is different

Complete Canadian collection, almost complete Australia and New Zealand, many unique bakkie, acessories, cabrio, salesman brochures, also Jeff Uren. Some brochures I saw just once in my life when I bought them, and trust me I checked ebay almost every day.


As a bonus is a file of brochures that I know in existence but they are not in my collection. Good help for someone who will continue in the work. 


Price is 2100 GBP, no offers, and I only do personal delivery to Mk1 Nationals in August. Will take a paypal deposit 100GBP 







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