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Mk4 Spares I'm Taking to The Yat

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I'm taking a few duplicate parts to the Yat if anyone is interested.

I'll be at the old Yat camp site from Thursday mid morning.



New Items

2ltr & 2300 Air Filter Fram CA2668                                             £3.50 each or 5 for £15 – I have 8 in total

Mk4 nsr Light Unit                                                                          £10 each – Have 3 of these

Head Gasket Set 2300cc                                                              £12.50 each or 2 for £20

Upper Void Bushes – Pair                                                             £15

Weber 32/36 Pneumatic Pump Diaphragm                               £2.50

10x Ford Wheel Nut Covers  ( New ) Black                                £15

4spd Gearbox Gasket Set                                                             £10

2ltr Fan Belt                                                                                     £5

Mk4 GL Interior Wiring Loom                                                       £10

Motorcraft AGR12 Spark Plug 2300 – unsure if fit 2ltr            £9 for 6 or £25 for all 22

Bonnet Grommet & Stay Clip                                                       £5

Brand New Exterior Chrome Door Handle                                 £10

OSR Wheel Arch                                                                             £25 each – I have 2

Mk4 Saloon Rear Light Panel  - Gen Ford                                  £85

Pair Front Mk4 Wings - Non Gen                                                £85 each or £150 for the pair

Passenger Front Wing                                                                  £85

Universal 2 Door Central Locking Kit – Brand New                 £10



Used Items

Very Clean Fuse Box 80BG14A067BA                                       £20

Mk4 Steering Column                                                                   £10

Mk4 Front Bumper                                                                        £20

Mk4 Rear Bumper                                                                          £20

Mk4 Front Screen                                                                          £30

Mk4 Rear Screen                                                                           £30

Cortina L Speedo Fuel and Temp Cluster                                 £10

Mk4 Cortina Workshop Manual                                                  £20


All prices are negotiable

If anyone wants me to save anything for them, I request part payment to hold it please as I've been messed around before holding things and then the person doesn't want it.


Here's hoping it's as good a weekend as last year and the weather is kind to us again.


I hope everyone has a safe and uneventful trip down, across, up or which ever way you're coming. See you there 😀

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