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Back box woes.

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I nipped out this morning to pick up a rear silencer from https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dwclassiccarspares

I found him ebay and was not too far from me. He had two silencers but judging by the tail pipes, one is for an estate so I didn't buy that one but somebody else might need one so I posted the link. (he also has a NSF wing which needs a little attention) Now for the woes. I got to the lockup and found that 2 of the 4 original wheels and tyres I had stacked against the left wall had fell away from the wall and landed against the car windows! No problem there, no damage except my door mirror was knocked off (one of those crappy TEX aftermarket ones) BUT they had also taken the spare middle exhaust section that was hanging up  with them and made a nice chip in the roof! (needs a respray anyway). Then, because I haven't been there for a good while, I had to vigorously rub all the crusty cement off the bonnet, wings, the boot and some of the roof. The concrete roof, in fact the whole row of lockups is/are not in the best of condition. Then I get home and get nagged at for not getting back home as soon as I said I would! What a day.....and it's only 2 o'clock! :rolleyes:

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