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Complete 2.0 Pinto Engine

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Ford Cortina 2.0 OHC Engine


I am offering this initially to forum members.

I have for sale a 2.0 Pinto engine. This was removed from a very rusty, but low mileage, 1981 Cortina GLS some years ago.

Later on, I bought a mk4 1.6 Cortina, with the intention of converting it to 2 litre spec, so this engine was fully stripped and checked. It was found to be in excellent condition, with very little wear to the bores, crank bearings etc, so was reassembled with new main and big end bearings, piston rings, gaskets and seals etc.

The oil pump was also checked, and found to be fine.

The cylinder head was fully checked, the valves re-seated, and the ports lightly cleaned up. The camshaft is the original.

After all this, the project never happened, and this engine has sat under my bench ever since, un-run.

It is being sold complete with flywheel and good used clutch, original Weber carb, foam air filter, standard inlet manifold, and a EFI exhaust manifold with twin down pipes.

I am asking  £700 cash, which I think is fair. I am based in north Herts, and although I’m unable to do any heavy lifting these days, I do have an engine crane to assist with loading.







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