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  1. Hi Craig. I’ll let you know if I find any. Adrian.
  2. I know this is actually a Sierra part but I’m hopping someone here may be able to help me out. I’m after the plastic cups which hold the fuel injectors into the cylinder head of the 2.0 8v DOHC. The ford part number is 6171202. Perhaps someone’s got a worn out head and would be prepared to prise out the cups for a suitable fee. I’ve attached a photo of the one good one I have left. Height is 21mm. Top opening od=20mm id=18mm Bottom opening od=17mm id=11mm
  3. Thanks both - spoilt for choice. Could you PM me price plus postage to SY21 0DQ. That’s mid-Wales so I’m not very near either of you sadly. If they happen to be dark blue that’d clinch it.
  4. Does anyone have a pair of bonnet hinges to fit MK4 Cortina? Mine became an interesting shape when the bonnet catch let go and the bonnet flipped back on itself!
  5. adrianb

    Speedo drive gear

    Thanks.. Couldn't find any on eBay. I'll try my local Ford dealer.
  6. adrianb

    Speedo drive gear

    Long shot but does anyone have a Speedo drive gear wheel from the MT75 gearbox (not strictly Cortina I know). I'm after the yellow one with 22 teeth. I also need the little oil seal.
  7. Just the subframe and the four suspension arms. All my other bits, hubs, arb, tie bars etc are sound.
  8. Looking for a front subframe for my MK4 Cortina based kit car.
  9. If the door hinges are in good condition I'm after a the full set .
  10. Looking for a full set of front door hinges off a 4 door MK4/5. Must be in very good condition without any play. Mine are too far gone to be fixed with new pins.
  11. adrianb


    I have a MK5 one. 4.44:1 ratio. Its a good runner - had it on my Kit Car 'til I swapped it for a different ratio. I may have the trailing arms and the brake parts available as well but need to check what I've got left. I'm about 10 mins from M40 J.11
  12. ...and if you can't find what you're after I've got a complete MK5, 2.0l, 2 piece prop with the rubber doughnut.
  13. I *think* the output shaft of the type 9 came in two different sizes - it is larger on the 2.0l. I have a two-piece prop from 2.0 for sale. PM me if you find you need one.
  14. I've got the electrics for the efi set-up. I'll PM you the details and link to the pics when I'm back home in a couple of days.
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