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  1. looking good Chris, I do love the colour too..
  2. Well done Chris, that's a lot of work done in a short time. I've not been on here for ages so nearly missed all this. I doubt to many people would have taken that on so well done and good work there too Love the colour choice, I'd always fancied one in that colour but always seem to end up with blue ones
  3. Barmy Chris, you've only had it 5 minutes.. lol Maybe I should buy it back and keep it with it's sister :D
  4. I think a one piece prop shaft will sort out the problem The prop shaft currently fitted to yours is, or should be, mint. It has a new rubber coupling, new centre mounting, new UJ's and was balanced but the vibration was still there. It comes through the centre mounting and, I now believe, is because of the angle of the 2 piece. One thing I was told and have done was to space the mounting out with washers and this did make a difference. I have a similar or worse problem with the GT so am thinking 1 single piece prop is the way forward with that car. Incidentally, both our cars have the original axles but neither have the pinion plates mentioned, don't know why but they don't which is a pain with my GT as I'm sure the pinion is at the wrong angle.
  5. The car had new door rubbers all round back in 2006 so my guess would be the heater box seals and maybe the gasket under the fusebox ? The windscreen was refitted but without any of the putty stuff that some use. I'd never intended it to get wet so never bothered :ph34r: :D
  6. The prop shaft on Chris's GXL has had a new rubber coupling, new UJ's and centre bearing and was balanced. The vibration Chris is referring to is through the centre bearing mounting. The very early built Mk3 Cortina's have a different mounting and centre bearing so, I think, the only way to stop this vibration is, as Chris said, is to do away with the centre mounting by replacing it with a single straight prop shaft. Not sure if you've done this yet Chris ?
  7. lol... I was thinking more about it deteriorating or something breaking, it's just not your normal Mk3 and is a little rare. If something happened to it you would be hard pushed to find another in that colour/engine/year combination... And, you'd be gutted
  8. Really surprised you've taken the rare GXL out to do doughnuts in the snow Chris ....
  9. :rofl: I think it had only cover 64000 miles since new so 500 miles in, what 6 weeks, is a lot for it :-)
  10. Lol... Have you really... I think in the last 2 years I only managed a total of about 50 miles if that. :-)
  11. Never had a problem with that although I think it was the original one. Had a spare ready but never needed it. Mind you, your using it now whereas I drove it once in a while. :-)
  12. Oh... what caused that then Chris ?
  13. And this picture will need to be recreated at a show in the future
  14. No, haven't been on here for some time.. also not sure how to post pictures of here now since photobucket messed it all up Arh.. sorted. I found these on the Northern Ireland Capri club site when a former owner had it
  15. Should be collecting the Capri this weekend
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