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  1. Mk3GXL

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    Are yours definitely 5.5J though as Gibby2000 turned out to be 5J mk1 Capri wheels
  2. Mk3GXL

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    Yes, the parts book and brochures from 1971 all state mk3 GT and GXL had 5.5J rostyle with a standard tyre size 175R13 and an optional 185/70R13
  3. Mk3GXL

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    Yes, I'd be interested in them, assuming they're the correct ones. Would like some pictures though first. I'll PM you my email and you can send them direct if it's easier ?
  4. Mk3GXL

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    :winner: Thanks for the offer but a little to much for me as I'm not fussed about the tyres as I've got some new Uniroyal's lined up already
  5. Mk3GXL

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    The 5J rostyle are Mk1 Capri. The 5.5J are Mk3 Cortina but the are not the deep dish
  6. Mk3GXL

    Mk3 Rostyle wheels

    Since it's looking a bit doubtful about the 5.5J steel slotted type wheels, plan B is some Rostyle wheels. Ideally the Mk3 type but beginning to get a little concerned I've not got any of the right wheels. It's currently on a set of sport wheels which are definitely wrongfor a Jan 71 car. Anyone got anything ?
  7. Can't fit a 185 tyre on a 4.5j wheel really
  8. Just measure the 4 other wheels and, it's even worse, there only 4.5J so just the standard low spec model wheel. The 1 5.5J wheel I do have isn't the deep dish type that the Mexico has either. Looking in the parts book it lists a 4.5J and a 5.5J wheel. I don't think these are the same as the Mexico as they're a deep dish type. Certainly the 1 5.5J wheel I do have doesn't look much different on the visible side as the 4.5J. Main difference is it's wider on the inner part. I'm pretty sure the OHC pinto engine estate had them as they could take a bigger tyre Or I could just go with, option 3, anyone got any early Mk3 rostyle wheels ? Didn't really want to use these as my GXL has them so wanted to try and make the 2 cars slightly different from each other. Also, never sure are these the same as the painted Mk2 rostyle as I'm sure someone told me years ago they're slightly different ?
  9. That looks like it solved it. I'm still not sure what happened as it looked fine until I posted it ? Had the same problem in Sunday when I first updated it, took 3 attempts to get it to look right. Maybe it's to long And, if I need to update it again, I'll post it in sections
  10. I don't know, the switching appears to be correct as on the first line that goes wrong you can see it says Color and then the switch off /color. I did all the first half exactly the same as the 2nd half just the first part published as I'd written it and the 2nd half didn't. I wondered is it because the post is to long ?
  11. Can someone tell me why my replies with the list of 1971 Mk3 Cortina, half of it comes out as I've written it with the update in red and the roadworthy ones in green. Half of it is fine but the last half is just black with errors in the colours ? I've done it twice now and it keeps doing it ?
  12. These came from a 1 owner 2000 estate, the 4 on the car were 5Jand the spare 5.5J. My understanding, having looked at various brochures from the day, were that the 5.5J were an opinion with the hub caps in the picture on the GT. They were also fitted to the pinto engine estate as they could take a 185 tyre. They might well be the same as the Mexico but I've don't know
  13. After thinking I bought a full set of 5.5J steel Mk3 wheels it turns out I bought 4 5J and 1x 5.5J wheels :tears: So, would anyone have 4 5.5J slotted type Mk3 wheels (need to have the lugs for the hub caps) These where mainly fitted to the estates with the pinto engines.
  14. lol... yes would look like it. Shame as this one is rust free. Have found another now so, hopefully, that one will fit :thumbup:
  15. Thanks for the message but have sorted one now :thumbup:
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