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  1. Evening all. I'm ideally after full original sills for mk3, or next best thing. I'm also going to need inner sills too but can probably manage pattern for these. Also I'm need of drivers side front wing. Original wing mirror holes not a problem as I currently have chrome blanking plate. Cheers. James.
  2. rocksavage

    Breaking mk3

    Hi. Do you have any of the dash switches, lights, wipers, heater rear etc. Thanx.
  3. Hi all. For sale I have a new and unused stainless steel front exhaust pipe for an ohc 1.6 or 2.0 mk3. Any offers welcome. Located in New Forest but can post if wanted.
  4. Thankyou. For the advice it would appear they are pretty hard to come by. I was debating a repair as that has been suggested with the solder also using a firbreglass resin.
  5. It's prefacelift. Foot operated. Ah that's not good news. Was thinking Capri mk2 looked similar.
  6. Hi all. Noticed mine has a leak and empties in about 15minutes. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? Alternatively are there any other models that used the same washer bottle. Thankyou
  7. Hi all. I am looking for the rear passenger door outside handle. Mine appears to be snapped around the spring. Thankyou James
  8. Lovely thankyou. Mark did you try calling earlier. I have a missd cal from s mobile ending 312 and a txt asking me to call regarding symomds yay Sunday. Ta James
  9. Hi all. Yes please to both offers. If I could collect fan and matrix at the yat that would be ideal. Mark I will see you at mtoc and Sheffield I think I have a mobile number for you somewhere, Craig right? If so I shall call on the day to arrange pick up Thankyou
  10. Thankyou mark. I shall contact the chap and ask him. Would any matrix do the job or would it need to match the fan, assuming you hsvent got matrix too
  11. Hi all. Firstly this item isn't for me hence vague details. I had a note left on my mk3 tother day asking if I could help a chap looking for a heater unit. After finally catching up with the chap it appears he's restoring a kit car and is very in to his cortinas., much of the car so far sounds to be from various marks but he is missing the hearing stuff. No need for the box surround it sits under just the fan and matrix I believe. Thank you.
  12. Yeah I have to admit I made the schoolboy error of posting in here BEFORE checking the for sale section. I'm the idiot.
  13. Hi all. As titled please as it would now appear both sides are going to be mot failures come June. I believe it Is just the outer sill I am after. Any advise or guidance very welcome. Ta James.
  14. Any news on the coupling Nick, cheers.
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