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  1. thanks for your reply mark ..no thanks that is on the block
  2. hi gang looking for a breather pipe with elbow that slides over the engine breather cheers
  3. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    Hi gang..looking to uprade the tina with a 1500 engine.....in bits or complete cheers
  4. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    Many thanks for you reply
  5. MK1MAD

    1500 engine

    hi gang looking for a 1500 engine stripped or complete for my mk1..the engine that's in it is a 1300 pre xflow .can anyone tell me what its worth cheers
  6. MK1MAD

    wanted mk1 cortina

    afternoon gang.. I'm asking for your help !! looking for a mk1 tina not bothered what model..would like a running project if pos but beggars can't be choosers cheers norm
  7. MK1MAD

    Mk1 Cortina 2 door

    Hi rob please could you send me some pics Cheers norm Ps very interested
  8. hi were abouts in manchester ?
  9. hi sorry for the delay its says M2 285 i was going to put into my crossflow 711 cheers norm 07970241080
  10. Brand new still has protective film on and in a plastic cover box is worn sensible offers please will send photo on request Cheers
  11. evening chaps anyone help !!! looking for a set of double valve springs and caps for my 1600 - 711m kent engine as i'm putting a piper 285 cam in, so need the springs cheers norm ps if anyone has any ideas of another cam to use please tell :D
  12. Morning what about £30.00 all in Cheers norm
  13. MK1MAD

    pistons wanted

    hi all, looking for a set of +40 or 60 pistons for a 1600 rebuild it has a flat head cheers
  14. MK1MAD

    wanted 2000e gearbox

  15. evening guys please can anyone help with a 2000e box complete or re-build as my box is goosed,layshaft housing tooth broken. needle bearing housing badly marked...or any help cheers norm
  16. afternoon guys, and all the best for 2015 has anyone got the rubber gaiter that goes over the gear stick and is held down by the odd shaped round bracket on a series1 1600e cheers... or can direct me in the direction to get one, also windcreen rubbers same car :thumbup:
  17. hi guys can anyone help need a 32dfm carb + gear lever for my series1 1600e plus a clutch pipe cheers 07970241080
  18. MK1MAD

    1600e airfilter

    hi been trying to contact you regarding the airfilter cheers norm
  19. MK1MAD

    1600e airfilter

    many thanks for replying lads norm
  20. MK1MAD

    1600e airfilter

    hi gang anyone got a tin 1600e air filter for a series 1 cheers norm
  21. hi do you still have the air filter if so how much ? cheers norm
  22. good evening out there in cortina land,can anyone help !!! need two rear brake adjuster arms for my E i.e the handbrake leavers..does anyone have a them thanks for looking..norm."""""".nothing is going right at the mo :angry2:
  23. Afternoon all hope everyone's well,having just bought my first series1 1600E Cortina I have found that the dash has many rips so I'm looking for a replacement if anyone knows of one for sale or can put me in the direction of a repairer or trimmer many thanks norm
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