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  1. 107me

    3.54 English diff

    Well I had one 🙈 but sold it😩 but I can’t find one now I have a need for it😡
  2. 107me

    3.54 English diff

    Looking for good 3.54 diff👍
  3. Thanks guys got eBay eyes on.👀 but looking for std struts with spring seats at fair price👍 Lotus out my price range🤪
  4. Hi looking for a pair of struts for refurb.😊
  5. Ok so I’ve now bought a car with one of these on🙈
  6. Or alternatively anyone who would lend me one to get 3D scanned😊
  7. Hi looking for one of these with or without Rev counter, any condition inc damaged👍
  8. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    Hi sorry I had 3 but all gone😞
  9. Think I have one but need to find it.👍 if someone else beats me to it no problem😊
  10. It’s the pfl one I need. (Passenger side) is it the template or a repair section you have? Would you sell it if a section pic would be great👍
  11. Hi I’m looking for the bottom section of the front chassis leg pass side PFL. mines rotted out similar to attached pic. anyone got a good front section they would part with🤪 thanks mark
  12. Great got a pair of mk4 coming👍
  13. Looking for similar info but other way round will mk4/5 inner wing (upper inner only not leg ) fit pre face lift mk3? thanks
  14. Just found answer in an old post. All sorted👍
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