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  1. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    Yes but depends what your after specifically. pm me details and I will have a look
  2. Hi I’m after the panel that is spot welded to the trans tunnel to mount the gear shifter (auto) also anyone with a shell they would be prepared to cut gearbox mounting bracket/supports out. thanks mark
  3. 107me

    Taunus tc1 panels

    Ok so I’ve got a front valance still looking for a wing. also RHS chrome moulding that goes round rear lamp housing thanks
  4. Took a trip down to Bournemouth today to collect my 2.3 conversion bits of Aaj389. Got to say what a great guy he is. Hes got more cortina bits that I have seen in one place and had everything I wanted at reasonable cost. So if you can’t find what your after give him a PM very helpful.😉 mark
  5. 107me

    Taunus tc1 panels

    Looking for mint or new/pattern Lh front wing. Also front valance. other bits for coupe considered what do you have hiding in the shed? or any leads to same. thanks mark
  6. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    Ok be patient with me as will need to sort / find them in a lock up will take a few days. rgds mark
  7. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    £75 for the bare head. don't want to split carb and manifold £125 im in Nottingham j24 M1 if your interested I will sort them out and take a few picks. mark
  8. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    I’ve got a bare ported gt head (116e) 28/36 Weber on manifold and a used but good A2 cam, plus used but good gt exhaust manifold if your interested. Think I also have another gt head as well but would have to have a look. mark
  9. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    120e,116e, blocks gt heads, lotus rods, etc etc I have most parts depending what your after to much to list. rgds mark
  10. 107me

    2.54 English diff

    Obviously this is a 3.54 apologies just seen typo
  11. 107me

    2.54 English diff

    Used, bought as spare but never run. £325
  12. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    Various engines in bits if you need anything from a rebuilder to individual parts let me know
  13. Hi as it says looking for LHD power rack for my tc1 Taunus /cortina
  14. All sorted thanks
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