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  1. Thanks guys got eBay eyes on.👀 but looking for std struts with spring seats at fair price👍 Lotus out my price range🤪
  2. Hi looking for a pair of struts for refurb.😊
  3. Ok so I’ve now bought a car with one of these on🙈
  4. Or alternatively anyone who would lend me one to get 3D scanned😊
  5. Hi looking for one of these with or without Rev counter, any condition inc damaged👍
  6. 107me

    1500 pxflow parts

    Hi sorry I had 3 but all gone😞
  7. Think I have one but need to find it.👍 if someone else beats me to it no problem😊
  8. It’s the pfl one I need. (Passenger side) is it the template or a repair section you have? Would you sell it if a section pic would be great👍
  9. Hi I’m looking for the bottom section of the front chassis leg pass side PFL. mines rotted out similar to attached pic. anyone got a good front section they would part with🤪 thanks mark
  10. Great got a pair of mk4 coming👍
  11. Looking for similar info but other way round will mk4/5 inner wing (upper inner only not leg ) fit pre face lift mk3? thanks
  12. Just found answer in an old post. All sorted👍
  13. Hi been wrestling with stripping my PFL dash out.🤔 cant seem to find a way to release the dash top pad.🙈 I don’t have a manual to hand and I can’t find anything by searching. basically I’ve got the vents and clocks out. Can see spring clips on front edge but for the life of me can’t get them to release. must be me, but if anyone has a technique would appreciate if you could advise as the pad is mint and I don’t want to damage anything😩 thanks in advance mark
  14. Yes thanks for your efforts👍 I had seen them on eBay, but based on cost, I wanted to see if anyone had anything in their parts bin they would sell/swop first😁
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