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  1. CorKtina

    Fibre glass wings

    they are a bogger to weld on
  2. CorKtina

    cortina sports wheels black sticker

    cortinacrazydub had some made...he's on here
  3. CorKtina

    forum problem

    your link ah you mean you disabled the link don't you, rather than it's working fine now.
  4. CorKtina

    forum problem

    still dead
  5. CorKtina

    forum problem

    I as going to report that I had no problems, however I just spotted the link in the first post here doesn't work....maybe that's the sma e problem? other links work fine though
  6. CorKtina

    new post not showing

    working for me...try posting a reply in my test post perhaps?
  7. CorKtina

    new post not showing

    Odd . I checked your recent topics/posts and indeed this is the only recent post showing. I'll post a test post there in case it's a forum problem......
  8. CorKtina

    Irish mk2 cortina

    It is very nice, I've see a lot more photos of it and it looks very solid and restorable. I'm not looking for a restoration job though so I;ve passed on it. Strut tops are poorly repaired and would want doing again as would the tool well. Small amounts of fairly minor looking rust elsewhere as you'd expect. I'm still tempted though... (brake master cylinder has failed so it would be a trailer job.....
  9. CorKtina

    cortina carousel

    I'm thinking Ikea
  10. CorKtina

    cortina carousel

    sorry I haven't really kept abreast of this thread.
  11. CorKtina

    cortina carousel

    Damn you BSC, don't you know you have to make contact with all sellers. Now look what you've made him do.!
  12. CorKtina

    Irish Cortina

    Spending on the Transit is all done...... just waiting for the engine to go in and then get it tested. Due to the daft Irish system, if I get it tested before the test is out 12 months (on 4th July) then I'll only get a cert to 4 th July.....if I wait until 4th July to test it, I'll get a 6 month cert... guess when the test is going to be!
  13. CorKtina

    Irish Cortina

    Nearly....just looking for a runabout really.... Missus (partially) retired and so doesn't use the car as much so we sold both our road cars and bought a new Focus with her lump sum.... my Classic insurance will cover a Cortina at no extra cost and pre 1980is test -exempt so the only annual cost will be €56 road tax, and th estimated saving will be in excess of €1500 a year....no brainer really.
  14. CorKtina

    Irish Cortina

    Any Irish member got a Cortina for sale? I have up to a couple of grand € avialable for a pre 1980 road legal car. Rotboxes I don't do, scruffy is fine.
  15. CorKtina

    Irish mk2 cortina

    :-( still haven't sold my Focus ST170 and thus still have no money...... Irish built cars are rare enough nowadays...it's a shame they aren't higher regarded, they should fetch a premium over an import imo and don't