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  1. Thanks BSC for all the enjoyment over the years. I'm not prepared to stay on a Forum that has become so unpleasant of late thanks to a small number of members. I can live without that quite easily. I'm sure I'll see the people I want to see on fb and the like.
  2. Darren: post the pics of your bridesmaids and melt their hearts...
  3. there are very very few owners who would undertake that. Brilliant.
  4. 25 years married and now you start talking about engines in bed...... ah well, comes to us all....
  5. is there room to weld a nut to it?
  6. all wrong, we were.....oil pump cog thing had broken......driving better than ever now. Thx for all the suggestions
  7. I'd say so....numb tip of my thumb a clue to that I think
  8. thx for that, I think I;ve sourced one from Capri Spares in Co Wexford...and delivered too....no price yet.....guess I'll have to pay what he asks, but it will be guaranteed and he's a good bloke . Have to find someone to fit it then. I'll be selling it once it's working again as my problems are getting worse, something wrong with my neck the doc reckons...waiting for xray results and an MRI
  9. finally managed to get it jacked up and have a look....linkage is working....I assume I need a "new" box. Where would I get one ? Which box will I need?
  10. they are a bogger to weld on
  11. we have a modern one and I think Duck will go on forever (or until it gets rusty again) I'm in (near )agony today with my hands. Only went to doc yesterdayto tell him go ahead with the 3rd trigger finger op and now the pain I've had in my rightshoulder that I thought was a pulled muscle has travelled down to that hand and my carpal tunnel scar has flared up (not even seen it for years) and my thumbs gone numb.Tried to change a tap washer the other day and had endless trouble holding the spanner and gripping the tap....i'm dreading lying under the Capri.....
  12. thanks for all the info, it's much appreciated....I'm going to have a go jacking it up and checking the linkage....easier said than done as my hands are really fooked nowadays, not to mention the rest of me. I'm going to have to give up old cars I think... :-(
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