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  1. Took these off mk 5 there need a clean off as there painted gold £30 posted pm me or 07970348807 cheers
  2. Tiley

    Wanted gl door cards

    Hi then I’m aftersll 4 York door cards cheers
  3. Tiley

    Wanted gl door cards

    And these are the cards I have fitted to the car if anyone needs them when I’ve found the correct ones
  4. Tiley

    Wanted gl door cards

    Hi there this Patten cheers👍🏻
  5. Tiley

    Wanted gl door cards

    Hi there gl speck there like a brown fleck cloth it has brown chatsworth fitted at present doesn’t match the seats or tho they are a similar and yes it’s a foor door
  6. Hi a few parts needed brown go door cards brown glovebox cover and air vent sorround and brown steering wheel if anyone could help that would be great thanks
  7. I'd be keen for the shell for racing
  8. Hi Ed but I got a phone. All call from you freind after sending details photos and agreeing a price he sent a. Ceuqe for less than half the amount so obviously I'm not posting selling to him so all he is still looking for arms but please beware
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